Autumn Tears
The Glow of Desperation

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Elend/Dark Sanctuary/Dargaard

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Shadow of Perseverance
2. Cast Your Eyes To Behold Me
3. For Only A Day
4. Reunion
5. For You The Nameless... We Sing
6. Knowing All Has Been Decided
7. How Still The Day
8. We Can Almost Hear Them
9. Succumb
10. Throw it over
11. The Voice of Spring
12. Wordless Waltz
13. Stasis
14.Human Artifact
15. The Glow Of Desperation

Composition, arrangements, piano, lyrics: Ted Tringo
Lead vocals, vocal / lyric arrangements, arrangements, piano, lyrics: Caroline Clarke
Lead vocals, vocal / lyric arrangements: Darren Clarke
Lead vocals, vocal / lyric arrangements: Anne "Anaé" Laurent
Lead vocals, vocal / lyric arrangements: Tamar Singer
Lead vocals, vocal / lyric arrangements: Mark Garrett
Lead vocals, vocal / lyric arrangements: Agnete M. Kirkevaag
Lead vocals, vocal / lyric arrangements: Ann-Mari Edvardsen Alexis
Lead vocals, vocal / lyric arrangements: Brona McVittie
Backing vocals: Marisa Frantz
Violin, viola: Jess Townsend
Cello:Tom McCluskey
Solo violin: Maria Grigoryeva
Trumpet, trombone: Kelly O'Donohue
Trumpet: Matt Giella
Trombone: María Gabriela Soto
Flute: Giulia Cacciavillani
Flute: Johann Rampon
Clarinet: Sasko Temelkoski
Timpani: Germàn Domador
Snare Drum: David Swanson
Drums and percussion: Kyle Tupper
Orchestral toms, cymbals, dhols / percussion: Dominik Redenczki
Piano: Joy Philips

Love Poems for Dying Children - Act I (1996)
Love Poems for Dying Children... Act 2: The Garden of Crystalline Dreams (1997)
Absolution (EP 1999)
Love Poems for Dying Children... Act III: Winter and the Broken Angel (2000)
Eclipse (2004)
The Hallowing (2007)
The Origin of Sleep (EP 2018)
Colors Hidden Within The Gray (2019)
The Air Below The Water (2020)


Kamancheh performance / arrangements: Amir Mofrat
Ambience / arrangements: James Longley
Layout: Ted Tringo
Vocal engineering for Agnete: Anders Langberg
Saxophone, vocal engineering for Ann-Mari: Fabio Costantino
Vocal engineering for Mark: Nico Mirolla
Mastering: Michael Venia from Sound Mixology

Released 2021-03-06
Reviewed 2021-07-04


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This spring we had some tears from the autumn, a very diligent band releasing their third album in three years. That in itself may not be that remarkable, but when you have a symphony and plenty of singers it is a bit more so. I did review their 2019 album and was impressed by the ambition but less so by the end result. But I like how this one looked, the cover that is, so I have given it a few spins and can’t say that I feel that I suspect I have missed anything by not hearing their 2020 effort.

Musically it is an album that has some ambitious arrangements, with a gothic sense and female fronted. I suspect it was supposed to be an epic album, but it isn’t really that epic just slow. You have to be impressed by the arrangements and the logistics around setting up everything around this album, but the end result feels like it could have been accomplished with far less effort. It is also a long album with a playing time over the hour, perhaps it is for the same reason as arranging it so vividly, but the end result is the same – it is underwhelming.

I don’t find this album particularly interesting, good notes for the effort of course, but it feels like much effort for nothing. There are no amazing songs here, the album is not one that feels easily accessible, and it lacks dynamics and emotional resonance. My lasting impression is that the album is boring, it is too dull for background music and not enough substance to really listen to. I think it is a bombastic failure, and it is not really an album that makes for a great music experience in any regard. There is nothing to grab my attention, it isn’t an album I would ever select to listen to.

The question is who it is for, who should buy this one? I can’t think of anyone, who likes dullness in a bombastic suit? If you do, then it might be the album for you. I think listening to this one has been a big waste of time, more worthy of tears than worthy of cheers.