Anne Clark
Synaesthesia – Classics Re-Worked

Label: FDA/Anne Clark
Three similar bands: Depeche Mode/Virginia Astley/Pet Shop Boys

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Entire World (Ballad Remix) - Thomas Rückoldt
02. Take Control (Solomun Tribute Remix) - Solomun feat. Anne Clark
03. Wallies (Kickin' Mix) - herrB
04. Orange Suns - Melting Rust Opera
05. Heaven - Andreas Bruhn
06. Sometimes - Sea Of Sin
07. Waiting - Yagya
08. The Hardest Heart (2021 Revisit) - Blank & Jones feat. Anne Clark
09. Hope Road - Deadbeat
10. Virtuality - Johannes Brecht
11. A Community Of The Spirit - Svensyntetics
12. Our Darkness (Marc Romboy Respect Mix) - Marc Romboy
13. Entire World Dance Remix - Thomas Rückoldt
14. Sleeper In Metropolis - Robin Hirte


The Sitting Room (1982)
Changing Places (1983)
Joined Up Writing (1984)
Pressure Points (1985)
Hopeless Cases (1987)
R.S.V.P. (1988)
Unstill Life (1991)
The Law Is an Anagram of Wealth (1993)
Anne Clark and friends: Psychometry (1994)
To Love and Be Loved (1995)
Wordprocessing: The Remix Project (1997)
Anne Clark & Martyn Bates: Just After Sunset – The Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke (1998)
From the Heart – Live in Bratislava (2003)
Notes Taken, Traces Left (2004)
The Smallest Acts of Kindness (2008)
Homage (The Silence Inside) (2019)



Released 2021-05-28
Reviewed 2021-05-24



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Last year became something of an anti-climax for Anne Clark, she was preparing for an anniversary tour writing, rehearsing and everything. Just when they were getting very ready the world was shut down due to the Covid pandemic, and then on top of that Anne also got a cancer diagnosis. She battled the cancer and figured that a cool thing to do was to revive some older songs by letting DJs, producers, artists of the of the electronic music scene give them new life. That is what we are getting on this album, something to pass the time while waiting for Anne and her band to go on tour or something exciting like that.

Darkwave, gothic rock, music poetry, those are things we can use to describe the music of Anne Clark. Here her songs are interpreted in a relatively fresh way, but still close to the songs as they were in their original guises. The songs are often quite slow, the words silent and sort of spoken, the atmosphere the most striking feature. It is not a catchy album and neither is it particularly varied despite the songs being interested by many, perhaps some of that is down to the long playing time. It don’t think the synthpoppy sound is the most complimentary to the songs and the album as a whole, it kind of lacks a little bit of “edge” or something like that.

Interesting is a thing I would probably say to describe my emotional response to this album, it has some very good atmosphere and storytelling. But it is not a great album, and I am certainly not drawn into the music of Anne Clark, I can see why some are but I am not one of those. One issue with this album is that it is a tad long, it could certainly be shorter as that would have been beneficial to the album as a whole.

Fans of Anne Clark might find this one more interesting than I do, I think they will like it quite a bit as it is fairly fresh despite the songs being recycled. Perhaps being fresh, and being quite good is enough, I don’t think it would be a waste to check out the album. It is an album that will not appeal to everyone, but it showcases the music of a creative person, and can music poetry ever be completely wrong?