All I Am

Label: Frontiers Music
Three similar bands: The Murder of My Sweet/
Alyson Avenue/Robin Beck
Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Calling
2. Beat Them All
3. Addicted To You
4. I’m Sorry
5. Time And Space
6. Don’t Say Goodbye
7. Still Bleeding
8. Living On High Hopes
9. A Pounding Heart
10. Angel
11. Time To Go Home

Angelica Rylin – lead vocals
Michael Palace – guitars, bass
Pedro Cesar Camargo – acoustic guitars / strings production on ‘Time To Go Home’
Daniel Flores – keyboards, backing vocals, drums

Thrive (2013)


Produced by Daniel Flores

Released 2020-11-06
Reviewed 2021-02-10


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Second album for Angelica, it follows the unimpressive 2013-release Thrive. I did like the latest album I wrote about where Angelica Rylin sang though, that album was by The Murder of My Sweet, her main band. So, with some more years of experience, can she make something more impressive than what we were given last time around? This is all that she is if we are to believe the title, isn’t that quite a statement? All of those thoughts aside, my main question when I took on this album was: who the hell chose the cover? It looks really dull.

Typical album from the Frontiers label, catchy, commercial, and very polished sound. No surprises, and not much variation throughout the tracks. Made from a business perspective perhaps. Angelica signs pretty poorly as well, there is no life and soul in her vocal performance – that part is a really unimpressive aspect of this album that is hard to get around. I also think the album lacks variation, the songs are predictable, and the playing time feels long despite being only 42 minutes.

I don’t think anyone needs to bother with this album, it is boring. There are no real hit songs, no passion, and no life. Just like one of those low budget somethings, you know what it is and there is nothing fatally wrong with it, but it is as exciting as picking your nose or watching paint dry. There is nothing really interesting about this album, almost like it is a channel to get rid of the songs that were too bad or too boring to fit on an album by The Murder of My Sweet. There is no point, I can’t see why they did this one it is kind of like a bad stain on a career.

I guess the best thing about this album is that it isn’t an awful caveman black metal release, but otherwise I cannot really see much point. Generic songs, soulless vocal performance, kind of like an album made by zombies for zombies. Maybe I am too hard on Angelica, I mean the songs aren’t that bad, the problem is just that so many have done the same thing so much better so many times. I blame Frontiers, they should never have released something like this, I would be ashamed if I had a label and released something so pointless as this – this is a meaningless release from a label that doesn’t care about music, don’t buy it.