Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Opeth/Born Of Osiris/Deafheaven

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Rubicon
2. Hades And Persephone
3. Lighthouse
4. Blight
5. Thoughts Of A Dying Astronaut
6. Bloodstains
7. Evelyn

Justin Wallace - Drums
Skippy Hilton - Vocals
Joe Holland - Bass
Si Harvey – Guitars/Vocals
Scott Sayer - Guitar/Vocals

A Tragic End (2019)


Recorded and Mixed by si @
Mastered by Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann @

Released 2021-09-18
Reviewed 2021-11-20


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I doubt that we will see many consequences upon the world of music, at least not in relation to the second album by the band Aeons. I read in the press material that they fly a flag for independence of thought in an ever more streamlines metal scene, at least the press material acknowledges how the once rebellious genre of metal is growing ever more tired and sterile. And I guess it would be a good sign that a band is looking to break away from that, if it wasn’t said many times before and it is hardly ever true. The one site I sometimes agree with claims that the album sounds very familiar, and that Aeons don’t really innovate anything. I think the cover looks good, but the album isn’t particularly exciting from the creative standpoint.

I read progressive metal, well in the definition often used it probably is. Metalcore meets softer stuff in a kind of dynamic progressive style, and I mean progressive in the regressive sort of way that has become synonymous with the rock and metal genres and not in relation to the actual word. The darker grunty stuff is overly generic and boring. The greyscale between the extremes is where the band shines, contrary to the statement we hear they seem to know what to do with grey. The sound is adequate, not impressive, the playing time seems a little on the long side making the impression go towards the adequate side of things.

I also see that they were a top progressive metal choice for some metal publication with their 2019 debut album, I wonder from what criteria was used there unless that album was way better than this one. If I look at our reviews from 2019 I reached M and then I had ten progressive albums I would rate higher than this one, so they must have been fantastic in 2019 and then took a step backwards as this album doesn’t really do anything for me. It sounds too familiar, and it isn’t good enough.

There are great aspects of this album though, the band happen to end up exploring interesting avenues once or twice during the playing time. Still, Consequences has the same issues as so many albums before it and after it, and it is to compete with what is already there. If you want to make a mark you need to dare more than Aeons, or you need to do what you do a lot better than them. You can either innovate and be pretty good or be outstanding without innovating if you want to make a mark and be a great artist. Aeons are neither of this, they didn’t even make the best album of the year by a band starting with Aeon.