A Dying Planet
Where the Skies are Grey

Label: Lifeforce Records
Three similar bands: Sun Caged/Dream Theater/Poverty's no Crime

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. When the Skies Are Grey
2. Honoring Your Name
3. Hope for Tomorrow
4. Embrace
5. Far from Home
6. A Father's Love

Jasun Tipton – Guitars and Keys
Paul Villarreal – Vocals
Brian Hart – Bass
Marco Bicca – Drums

Facing The Incurable (2018)


Mixed and mastered by Adair Daufembach

Released 2021-09-17
Reviewed 2021-08-22


lifeforce records

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Well, we are looking at A Dying Planet today, and I am not meaning that we are to look out the window at the planet we occupy – it is probably not dying, but perhaps we are exhausting the possibilities to live on it as a species. In this case I was referring to the quartet who calls itself A Dying Planet, and their second album Where the Skies are Grey. Grey skies are always menacing, and they seem to be a bit of a dystopian band considering the title of their debut album as well. So, are they looking at the climate issue with their music, or whatever other issue there is with us humans ruining our own living conditions like a virus does to the body it occupies? Now, I haven’t really listened to the lyrics, but it seems like they are somewhat on that subject, and why not raise it more considering that many still deny the problem despite the overwhelming evidence to what is going on.

In terms of musical style it is all about the progressive metal genre, a genre that in reality isn’t very progressive anymore but they subscribe to the Dream Theater style of music. They do it with long and fairly complex songs, songs that has a touch of doomsday feel to them. It is a majestic and bombastic style of music with pompous arrangements, strong production, good vocals, a modern and well put together album with depth and variation. They kind of remind me of what I heard from Sun Caged quite a while ago now, so quite modern but not exactly original if we are to look at that aspect. They should fit the bill for most fans of the progressive style of metal, especially for those who are into the Dream Theater kind of music. You may think that the past fifty minutes playing time can be a little detrimental, six tracks averaging nine minutes is a tad long, but they sell it well, and I don’t think the album seems long.

This is a really good album, perfect to enjoy when the skies are grey or when the sun is shing. They have put together great songs, and enjoyable music. I also think the album is well thought out in the order they present the songs etcetera. The niggle I can have is that they perhaps should have offered a shorter song that was more of a hit song, like Dream Theater often give us. Still, even without that kind of hit song it is a great experience to listen to When the Skies are Grey. These guys certainly know how to put together a very strong album with great songs, melodies, and atmospheres – if you are into the progressive metal style of music you should enjoy this album as it presses all the right buttons. A Dying Planet may not be progressive, but they are skilled at their craft and that is enough to make something very enjoyable.

So, when we are looking at those grey skies causing havoc in terms of flooding with massive destruction as a consequence it is fine to enjoy this album. Maybe it will cheer us up when the glaciers melt to flood small Island states and then bigger cities, and when we empty the aquafers around the world causing wars in the quest for water, or when we waste forests to breed cattle that we want to eat (a food source that is a huge waste of recourses), or any other way we like to destroy the only planet we know is inhabitable for us. I recommend this one as a fine soundtrack while living your life on a dying planet.