Wild Souls
Queen of My Heart

Label: Lions Pride Music
Three similar bands: HMS Keelhaul/Lynam/Wild Rose

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Nothing But Loving You
02. Night Groove
03. Love Ain't No Lie
04. Ready To Rock
05. Queen Of My Heart
06. Sexcellent
07. I Remember You
08. Set Me Free
09. Snakebite
10. Hold Me Tight
11. Beyond The Stars
12. Street Eagles

George Nikolaou - Vocals
Kostis Tsiligiris - Guitars
Thanos Kalantzopoulos - Guitars
Leyteris Nasos - Bass
Michael Saroglou - Drums

On The Road (2013)
Game Of Love (2016)

Dimitris Kyriakidis - Guitar
Tasos Kalafatis - Keyboards


Released 2020-05-29
Reviewed 2020-06-28

lions pride music

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To be honest it doesn’t really seem like the band that calls itself Wild Souls really consist of some wild musical souls. They did release a pretty inoffensive album some years ago, I was not impressed then and probably even less so this time. The new album is called Queen of My Heart and it is the third album from the band, it features a girl on the cover and a dozen tracks.

It is pretty typical melodic rock or AOR, with polished production, catchy choruses, decent vocals, all those things that are found in the AOR-genre. There are no surprises in this album, the songs are the same as most other albums and if anything, this album feels a little bit more generic than its predecessor. The selection of songs are the same as most in the genre and the playing time feels to long, like one of those albums that never ends.

This is not a great album, it is quite decent and describing it as bad would be unfair, it just isn’t a standout release and it will be very fast forgotten. Generic and inoffensive are the two words that comes to mind when listening to this album, there is nothing that catches the attention and it just sounds like everything else. A good album of any genre needs to either do something unique or something outstanding and this is quite far from any of that, it is generic and ordinary.

This might be appealing to some who enjoy the AOR genre, but I think most will agree with my assessment that it is a pretty generic and uninteresting album. It isn’t enough to just play safe and follow the format, you need to put your heart into it as well and it doesn’t seem like these guys do that. It is not a piece that will make a mark in the scrolls of music history.