Label: Independent/Som Sverker Recordings
Three similar bands: Bo Hansson/Dungen/Slowgold

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Karta & kompass
2. Väntar på riktning
3. Vandringssång
4. Klockor klämtar
1. Luftslott
2. Människa
3. Olyckskorp
4. Hitta hem
5. ’Eḇen ha-‘ezer

Affe Kihlberg – Bass guitar and backing vocals
Kettil Engberg - Drums and backing vocals
Gustaf Boström – Guitar and backing vocals
Emil Niklasson – Guitar and vocals


Fender Rhodes by Jens Persholt
Pedal Steel by Nicke Widén
Waves/bathtub recorded by M.Pekalo

Recorded in Ebeneser kapell, Bälingebygdens församling, Granmarken
Mixaed by Gustaf Boström and Affe Kihlberg
Mastering by Jakob Grundtman
Cover art and by av Emil Niklasson, Affe Kihlberg, Kettil Engberg och Gustaf Boström

Released 2020-11-25
Reviewed 2020-11-24


som sverker recordings

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I guess a decent translation of Urtidsdjur is Primeval Animal, something like that. It is a band of creatures from the town of Uppsala in Sweden, four guys that have converged there from other places in the country. They found themselves a chapel where they recorded the album that is said to be of a style that can be described as prog rock to the tones of pine forests and summer rain, that is an interesting and vivid way to describe a rock album. And on the subject of interesting, and great, the cover is quite excellent – and it comes as a vinyl LP in a very limited edition, it is released tomorrow, and the digital release is in January.

So, it is made to the tones of pine forests and summer rain – not a bad way to describe how this album sounds. It is prog rock with some folky elements, psychedelic elements, indie, and some more stuff – a fresh, yet classic sounding album that sounds like something out of the Swedish forests. Perhaps composed by the primeval animals that roam there in the almost unexplored and wide-reaching ocean of trees. It has good variation to keep you entertained when taking that stroll among the tree trunks, and the playing time is kept sensible so the battery in the music player will last through the entire album – really strong production with interesting sound.

I think that this is a really good album, the songs are all very strong. Perhaps I slightly miss a really outstanding track but the ones the album offers are memorable enough to keep the listener entertained throughout the playing time. I really like the vocals and lyrics in Swedish, perhaps it is a language that should be more used for the rock and metal music, it works brilliantly for this album. And the album is really good enough for me to get myself a copy of the vinyl edition, it should arrive tomorrow for me to collect – that should be reason enough for you to be interested, as I buy very few albums these days.

If you are a fan of the prog rock genre, especially that which takes inspiration from the folky kind of music and the classic prog, if that is your forte this should be an album for you to look closer at. And then you should decide that you want it, you need to hurry as the vinyl is limited to only 111 copies, and one of those is mine.