Radiant Knife
The Body

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Intronaut/Mastodon/Today Is The Day

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Grand Decay
2. True Believers
3. Dark Horizon
4. Surrender
5. Give Up The Ghost
6. The Light Born From Dark

Stephen Sheppert - Guitars, Synth, Vocals
Greg Travasos - Drums

Radiant Knife (EP 2017)
Science Fiction (2018)

The Body (2020)


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Radiant Knife at Starless Sound (www.starlesssound.com)
Album art by Terry Grow

Released 2020-10-09
Reviewed 2020-10-10


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The second part in Radiant Knife’s duology, first The Body and now The Ghost with the first part being mor technical and heavy and this second part more ethereal and otherworldly. Both of them have exciting artwork and we have liked the previous releases by the duo. This double album thing is an interesting concept, different but yet connected albums that kind of take it from the worldly into the spiritual realm or from life to death, awaken to dream state, something like that. The Body also tends to look better in tandem with this one, I think that both it and its predecessor Science Fiction were good but should have been better – so what about The Ghost?

The Ghost subscribes to the same kind of sludge/stoner rock/metal as the previous releases I have written about, it also shows the same kinds of psychedelic and progressive leanings. The difference is that this one has a slightly different atmosphere being more ethereal and dreamier, that makes it a really strong partner to The Body as they fit together really well. This album feels more adventurous, not too varied though but with strong atmosphere and depth it doesn’t require as much variation and the playing time at around 37 minutes is quite sensible as well.

With The Ghost it seems like Radiant Knife dares to dream and to let us dream with them as well. This is exciting, it is dreamlike with great atmosphere, depth and emotion – it is like being in some ethereal dreamscape where down is up and up is east, left is August and November is a Sednoid – something like that. I like it. This feels like a very logical sequel to The Body and takes things to new heights for Radiant Knife. The slight niggle I have is the lack of that instantly rewarding strong hit song, I think that would have benefitted this album quite a lot, but it isn’t as much of a negative as on the previous release as it is the whole that really gets this one flying.

For me this is the best one by Radiant Knife, it doesn’t end with me feeling that it should have been better as the previous did and it feels really exciting. A great album on its own and great in tandem with The Body as well, a must have if you have liked what Radiant Knife has done before. This duo is really evolving into something very exciting, hopefully they will keep going in this direction more and remain daring and exciting. The Ghost is certainly and album to give time and attention, it is great!