Plight Radio
When Everything Burns Within

Label: Antigony Records
Three similar bands: Platonick Dive/Rayo Hormiga/We Lost the Sea

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Overture
2. Rising Wind
3. Eleonora
4. Astronomical Horizon
5. Olimpia

Vittorio Milella - guitar
Daniele Montagnani
Jonathan Nelli - drums



Recording: Daniele Nelli / Davide Bitozzi – Adrenaline Recording Studio, Lorenzo Buzzigoli (only drums) – Folsom Prison Studio
Mixing and Mastering: Daniele Nelli / Davide Bitozzi – Adrenaline Recording Studio
Artwork and illustrations: Bruno Consani

Released 2020-06-05
Reviewed 2020-08-07

antigony records

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Plight Radio was formed back in 2011 in Livorno, Italy. It has been a secondary project for the three members and just now they are releasing their debut effort. A five track EP that I prefer to label as an album considering that it plays for 34 minutes, an EP is according to definitions somewhere between 25 to 28 minutes as maximum length these days. In the vinyl years it was a 45 rpm 12” or a 7”. EPs are to be less expensive than an album to record, this fulfil the maximum of six tracks definition of an EP but it is really only that and I cannot see that this was a cheaper production than calling it an album – but what do I know? I am not really a fan of the EP format anyway.

This is a post-rock piece, a five-track one that plays for 34 minutes as I have already explained. There are some experimental touches but mostly according to the post-rock definition. We get some reverbs, drumbeats, but most of all sweeping brush strokes that makes an atmosphere that has me thinking of a journey in time and space – I have no idea if that is the intention of the band, the song titles don’t really give any conclusive clues. The pace is not high, there is a diffuse feeling to it and no really crisp details – the songs feels like independent chapters in an encompassing story and not as stand-alone adventures.

I think that this is a good one, the songs are strong, they have much to offer and I think the album works quite well. What I am missing is a bit more dynamics, I think some faster paced stuff and some surprises would have been really beneficial to the album as a whole. I would not be surprised if this is an album that is very appealing to the fans of the post-rock genre, so if you are one of them I recommend that you have a look at this album – if you aren’t, I am not so sure that you are missing anything really revolutionary.

In the end I can conclude that this is a nice musical adventure, an interesting debut release that might be interesting and probably will not disappoint whoever buys it. But it isn’t really a release that makes much of a permanent mark in the history of music, it will not make the buyers lyrical – but then again, neither is the band.