Lindsay Schoolcraft
Worlds Away

Label: Cyber Proxy Records
Three similar bands: Cradle of Filth/Antiqva/Evanescence

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Worlds Away
2. Saviour
3. Darkness Falls
4. Fading Star
5. Stranger
6. Where I Fall
7. Dance on the Strings
8. Dangerous Game
9. Your Mind
10. Masquerade
11. Warn Me

Lindsay Schoolcraft - Vocals, Lyrics, Electric Harp, String Direction

Martyr (2019)

Additional String Programming by Spencer Creaghan on “Worlds Away”, “Darkness Falls”, and “Warn Me”
Viola by Dagda on “Darkness Falls”, “Stranger”, “Dance on the Strings”, “Your Mind”, and “Where I Fall”
Electronic Beats by Rocky Gray on “Worlds Away”, “Stranger”, and “Warn Me”

Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Tyler Williams at Monolithic Productions
Co-produced by Lindsay Schoolcraft

Released 2020-10-09
Reviewed 2020-10-07


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Lindsay Schoolcraft gives us her second album under her own name, this one is called Worlds Away and follows last year’s Martyr. Like Martyr it has a cool cover art that goes in the same style as the debut, I think it looks even better. This album also shares some songs with the debut from last year, most of the songs are actually from Lindsay’s past with the opening title track and the seventh track Dance on the Strings as exceptions being new tracks for this album.

Mostly reimagined songs with a few new ones with the electric harp as the leading instrument, and where the debut was metal with lots of melody and some softer tracks it is mostly softer songs here – like lullabies. The soundscapes are very melodic and good, Lindsay sings really well but I think the album lacks a little bit of variation and is a bit on the long side. Perhaps a bit more dynamics wouldn’t have hurt the overall feel of the album.

Good album overall, not as good as Martyr but it works pretty well with the title track as the highlight of the album. The other tracks don’t really do much for me, but they aren’t bad. But if I compare the tracks that are on both this album and Martyr, I think that the tracks were better on the Martyr album, they are a bit duller on this one. I think this album needs some more up-tempo songs, perhaps some heavier as well. This feels more like a curiosity than anything else.

If you are curious as to how Lindsay’s music sounds in lullaby versions this is a good choice, but the better choice is the debut album Martyr as it is livelier and more dynamic and exciting. A little bit more metal would not have been negative for this album, it is good but a little bit boring. I would get it for the look, but I think Martyr is the only Lindsay Schoolcraft album you really need right now.