Let Us Prey
Virtues of the Vicious

Label: M-Theory
Three similar bands: Soilwork/Suffocation/Soulfly

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Above The Vaulted Sky
2. Virtues of the Vicious
3. In Suffering
4. Halo Crown
5. Murder Thy Maker
6. The Saint of Killers
7. Ghost Echoes
8. The Cruel Creation of Me
9. Prey
10. And Hell Followed With Me

Marc Lopes - Vocals
Darin Moyen - Drums
Jon Morency - Guitars
Jesse Near- Guitars

The Saint of Killers (EP 2016)

Metal Mike Chlasciak
Jon Donais
Oli Herbert
Jimi Bell

Recorded by Nick Bellmore and Pete Rutcho
Mixing and mastering by Pete Rutcho

Released 2020-07-24
Reviewed 2020-07-27


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Let us prey, did they misspell pray or do they have something a little more sinister in mind? I think that the band who calls itself Let Us Prey is thinking of something more wicked considering the title of their debut album, and when I look at this album I ask myself; is there any virtues of the vicious band I am reviewing? The cover is not much of a virtue with skeletons and a pretty typical look for an extreme metal release with a logo that points towards the thrash metal variety. But things aren’t always as they appear, and it is claimed that they incorporate inspirations from many metal subgenres into their brand of thrashier metal.

Dark melodic power thrashers, is how the band is described in the news releases sent to us and that is a pretty good description of what we get. Thrash metal spiced up with melodic power metal flavours, and some progressive touches as well as some darker and more extreme metallic additions. They have a pretty fresh sound and pretty high paced catchy songs that are easy to get into, but they also have good depth that gives the album longevity. The singer has a voice that suits the songs well and displays a decent vocal range over the album that is a fairly varied album with relatively sensible playing time. The production is really strong and allows them to seamlessly stitch different influences together into a very coherent soundscape, something that has to be considered a strong feat.

I guess it is the music and songs that is the virtues of the vicious as this is a really strong and enjoyable album. They offer strong music through the whole thing; a fresh sound and good raw energy are also elements that make Virtues of the Vicious a very appealing album. I don’t think this album has any weaknesses, not any noticeable anyway and they even manage to sell the 52-minute playing time which is quite impressive in itself. The track called Prey is my favourite, but all the tracks on this album are good, from the first one to the last and I have enjoyed listen through this album many times and it still feels like it offers something relatively fresh and new even though I have played it quite a few times now.

There are clearly some virtues of the vicious, at least if the album called the same thing is any indication. It also shows that Let Us Prey is a very interesting band that has given us a fairly excellent debut in Virtues of the Wicked, it is clearly one that is worth checking out.