Framing Hanley

Label: Thermal Entertainmen
Three similar bands: Madina Lake/Her Bright Skies/We Are the Ocean

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Say You Ever
2. Bubbles
3. Misery
4. Joke's On Us
5. Forgiveness Is An Art
6. Puzzle Pieces
7. Maeve
8. Carousel
9. The Way Down
10. Throwing Knives
11. Counterfeit
12. Baggage Claim

Kenneth Nixon - vocals
Ryan Belcher - guitars
Jonathan Stoye - bass
Shad Teems - drums
Nic Brooks - guitars

The Moment (2007)
A Promise to Burn (2010)
The Sum of Who We Are (2014)


Produced by Kenneth Nixon / Josh Baker
Mixed Engineer - Billy Decker
Sound Engineer - Corey Callis
Mastered - Fullersound

Released 2020-02-21
Reviewed 2020-03-03


thermal entertainment

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Six years have passed since the last time Framing Hanley released and album and we wrote about it. That album was called The Sum of Who We Are and most of it wasn’t very memorable, but the opening track Criminal was really great, so a decent album with a great track. They have been working on this one for three years and describe the album as “the very best of Framing Hanley” and it certainly looks quite good.

Modern rock/hard rock music with decent energy and melody, strong production and good vocals. It is catchy, with some radio friendly stuff and good variation as well as depth makes it an album that you can play many times over. It may not break much new ground, but it feels kind of fresh anyway, and I think it can be described as more mature than last time I heard the band. It is also a good thing that they keep playing time quite sensible with around 47 minutes split over a dozen tracks.

The previous album had one excellent track and the rest were pretty good but only one that really shines, this album also has one pretty excellent track called Puzzle Pieces. The difference is that this new album called Envy has a filling of strong track rather than average one, a good step forward compared with the previous album and possible the very best album of Framing Hanley, it seems like it was three years well spent creating this album.

I doubt any fan will think it was a waste waiting six years for this strong album, and some bands will probably feel a bit of envy towards it. I recommend that you have a look at it, especially if you like that modern alternative rock music that it represents. It has all the puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle of a great album.