Flying Circus

Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: Led Zeppelin/King Crimson/Dixie Dregs

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Paris
2. New York
3. Prague
4. Derry
5. The Hopes We Had (In 1968)
6. My Lai
7. Memphis
8. Vienna
9. Berlin
10. The Hopes We Had (Reprise)

Rüdiger Blömer - keyboards, violin
Michael Dorp - vocals
Michael Rick - guitar
Ande Roderigo - drums
Roger Weitz - bass

Seasons (1997)
Out Of The Waste Land (2000)
Pomp (2002)
Forth (2010)
Ones And Zeros (EP 2013)
Starlight Clearing (2016)

Markus Lüpkes - trombone on Memphis
Susanne and Moritz Rodrigo - add. Vocals on Memphis
Gunther Tiedemann - add. Violoncello on The Hopes We Had

Recorded at Dierks Studios, Fulheim-Stommeln, Germany
Produced by Flying Circus
Engineered by Wulf Hanses-Ketteler
Mixed and mastered by Wulf Hanses-Ketteler and Rüdiger Blömer at Huby Road Studios and Blömer Audio

Released 2020-03-27
Reviewed 2020-06-02


fastball music

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Here comes a circus, a high flying one that takes us back to 1968, over fifty years now to a time when the guys in the band were young. Something like that. The cover looks quite sixties and the tracks tells stories about events in that years through the places in the titles. A pretty interesting idea for a concept and could mean that the German quintet has some fresh ideas. So, what about it; is it just the sixties music copied or is it a band that does something of their own?

Progressive rock with a strong sense of melodies and some distinct sense of the sixties and seventies, classic yet with a relatively fresh sound. The sound is very good, and it fits the theme really well, the vocalist is good with strong voice and feeling. It is a very strong production, with strong variation, decent depth and a sensible playing time, they should strike a chord with fans of the progressive rock genre.

1968 is a good album and should certainly be a good choice for the fan of the progressive rock. It offers familiar sounds, but also a fresh feel – they do what they do really well and there isn’t anything to complain about. The songs are all good and it starts really well with Paris, but I think the Vietnam story My Lai is my favourite track, it is an excellent track that is a nice hallmark for a fine album.

It is an album that is well worth checking out, Flying Circus has done really well here, and I recommend that you have a closer look at this album. The one who like the progressive rock genre should certainly not miss this one, but I am quite sure it will go down well with anyone who like good music. So, if you want to go back to a time before humans walked on the moon it is an album for the nostalgic one and the one that wants a good musical adventure.