Flat Earth Society
Friends are Temporary, Ego is Forever

Label: Art Gates Records
Three similar bands: Killswitch Engage/August Burns Red/Tesseract

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Pray
2. Ligma
3. Danko
4. Legfist
5. CC Chain
6. Disarray
7. The Gravity Paradox
8. Tortuga

Daniel Correa - vocals
Carlos Gonzalez-Aller - guitar
Guillem Rodríguez - guitar
Jesús Espinosa - bass
Alejandro Castro - drums



Recorded at The Metal Factory Studios
Mixed and mastered by Alex Cappa
Produced by Alex Cappa & Pablo Rousselon
Cover artwork by Iñigo Arr

Released 2020-02-21
Reviewed 2020-02-27

art gates records

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So, there are those who believe that the Earth is flat, perhaps that is also true about the Spanish band that calls itself Flat Earth Society. That flat Earth theory is one of the silliest ideas, I guess they don’t know that people realised that the Earth was round many centuries ago – a flat Earth is also impossible, but idiots are idiots. I hope this band is ironic when it comes to the name, it makes one notice. The debut album is called Friends are Temporary, Ego is Forever – that is a title that is very true, everyone knows that friends are transitory, and the ego remains with you for your entire life.

Nicely produced metalcore, or progressive metalcore as it has some nice time signatures that is akin to the progressive metal style. Spanglish vocals, at least a little bit but not so much that it is disturbing. The sound is pretty fresh, the band balances the corish stuff with strong melodies and progressive stuff. And the variation through the album is good, and they keep the playing time short with just half an hour split over eight tracks – eight tracks that are quite dynamic and dramatic and pretty fresh.

A very strong album with great songs and good energy and power. It is fresh ad it is well worth looking closer at, especially if you enjoy the metalcore genre. I don’t think this album has any major weakness, you might see one or two of them if you look really close but if you just enjoy your metalcore you will not notice any flaws.

Positive surprise could be used to describe the sense when listening to this album, or just great album, or something similar to that. I like all the track but the one called Ligma and the one called Tortuga is standing out a bit for me – the latter is probably my favourite. So if you like fresh sounding metalcore you should not miss this album, it is a very good album that is well worth checking out.