Enuff Z'Nuff
Brainwashed Generation

Label: Frontiers Music
Three similar bands: Cheap Trick/ELO/V8

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Gospel
2. Fatal Distraction
3. I Got My Money Where My Mouth Is
4. Help I’m In Hell
5. It’s All In Vain
6. Strangers In My Head
7. Drugland Weekend
8. Broken Love
9. Go…
10. Winding Road

Chip Z’nuff - Vocals, Bass
Tory Stoffregen - Guitars
Alex Kane - Guitars
Dan Hill - Drums

Enuff Z'Nuff (1989)
Strength (1991)
Animals with Human Intelligence (1993)
1985 (1994)
Tweaked (1995)
Peach Fuzz (1996)
Seven (1997)
Paraphernalia (1999)
10 (2000)
Welcome to Blue Island (2003)
? (2004)
Dissonance (2009)
Clowns Lounge (2016)
Diamond Boy (2018)

Mike Portnoy - Ringo / Beatles replica kit by TAMA - Track 5
DAXX “Cheap Trick” Nielsen - Drums tracks 2, 4, 7, 9
Steve Ramone - Guitar tracks 2, 8
Tony Fennell - Guitar track 3
Joel Norman - Piano track 1
Brian Ray - Guitar track 8
Donnie Vie - vocals, guitar track 6
Ace Frehley - Inaudible lead guitar track 7

Mastered by Dave Collins, DaveCollins Mastering. L.A.

Released 2020-07-10
Reviewed 2020-10-12


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Enuff Z’Nuff is a band that has been around for several decades now, their debut was released all the way back in 1989. Since that debut they have released many more albums, and the original singer Donnie Vie has come and gone more than once. It is now Chip who does the vocals, like on the previous album. This album is called Brainwashed Generation and it has me wondering what generation that is brainwashed, in my experience it is usually the older ones that are the least wise and most brainwashed. Perhaps they refer to their own generation or it may just be a title the liked the sound of, the cover looks pretty okay but what about the album?

Musically they make pop-rock, pretty catchy and radio friendly. Chip sings pretty decent, nothing overly special though. The production sounds fine, but the album has a somewhat lacklustre feel to it. There are no surprises, no original ideas, I think that it wouldn’t be wrong to describe this album as creatively tired. It isn’t too much variation to be found here either, but the playing time seems pretty sensible and that is always a positive aspect. It is also an album that is quite accessible and easy, it doesn’t require anything from you and that is good in the regard that it is easy to like but doesn’t really feel rewarding in the longer run.

I can’t say that I am impressed by what I hear, it is a pretty lacklustre album. I kind of take to it at the first playthrough, a little bit anyway, but then I grow tired with it quickly and in the end I find myself pretty unimpressed by the whole endeavour. Sure, the songs aren’t bad, some are even pretty good, but the tired sound and complete lack of creative ideas makes it a pretty dull experience. I am not really sure that anyone will be very impressed with this album, it is okay at best.

Maybe it is for that Brainwashed social media generation that can be convinced of many stupid things and don’t have the ability to really broaden their horizons outside their own social media flow. Maybe it is for them, because anyone who have heard a few albums will identify this as a rather pointless one and not really bother with it. One might think that such an experience band should have been able to make something a little bit more exciting than this – it is hard to see the point with something as lacklustre as this.