Label: Ultra Nast Records
Three similar bands: Strapping Young Lad/Whitechapel/Nevermore

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Home
2. Dead Inside
3. Guilt
4. Reckoning
5. Legion of Scum

Terry Leroy Jenkins – guitar/clean vocals
Taylor Wood – vocals
Max Taylor – guitar
Jared Connelie – drums



All instrument parts and Vocal parts including lyrics were written, arranged, and Produced by Terry Leroy Jenkins
Drum performance – Jared Connelie
Vocal Performances – Terry Leroy Jenkins and Taylor Wood
Guitar and Bass Performances – Terry Leroy Jenkins
Mixing – Terry Leroy Jenkins – Ultra Nast Productions
Mastering – Erman Hemidovic / Systematic Productions
Album Artwork – Sarah Estrella

Released 2020-06-26
Reviewed 2020-10-26


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The quartet Draemora gives us their debut EP, according to the material it is a five-track story about the life of a human struggling to keep their life from falling apart.  The stories are pulled right out of messages from social media and conversations between friends trying to help each other. The song "HOME" was inspired by a close friend of the band that had a very public struggle with depression and addiction and their ever-changing views and views on their life and where they belong in it. That is probably an important theme considering that mental health problems aren’t uncommon in our parts of the world.

They tell the story in the form of melodic death metal, or progressive death metal inspired by the likes of Strapping Young Lad or Whitechapel no name a pair. They don’t exactly sound like a band with their own identity, I ask myself if anything I hear is really Draemora or is it just how they emulate their inspirations? The EP is also pretty static, something that might be considered a little strange as they do have two vocalists and some progressive tendencies, the five tracks requires eighteen minutes of your time if you want to listen to it all.

I think that this little EP is missing something, it is not that it is bad or anything, but it isn’t exciting, fresh or really interesting. It is not the first debut that is flawed in the way that the band takes too much from their inspirations and give too little of themselves, many times that evolves as bands grow in confidence and dare to give more of themselves. It may be worth checking out for those of you who like the similar bands we have mentioned in this review.

In short, I find this album to be a little bit uninteresting, it is good enough to give a few minutes of your time. I guess it might be worth checking out the debut album whenever it sees the light of day.