Magic Diamonds
Best of Rock, Ballads & Rare Treasures

Label: Rare Diamonds/Rough Trade
Three similar bands: Warlock/Dio/Heart

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

CD 1: Best Of Rock
01. All We Are ("The Fight" Version)
02. Thunderspell
03. Burn It Up
04. I Adore You
05. Descent (feat. Pete Steele)
06. You're My Family
07. Kiss Me Like A Cobra
08. Haunted Heart
09. Raise Your Fist In The Air (New Live Recording "Forever Warriors Forever United" Tour)
10. Now Or Never (feat. Slash)
11. The Night Of The Warlock
12. I Rule The Ruins (Classic Night Orchestra Version)
13. Fight
14. Always Live To Win
15. Breaking The Law (feat. Udo Dirkschneider)
16. Revenge (New Live Recording "Forever Warriors Forever United" Tour)
17. Ich will alles
18. Salvaje
19. Dedication (I Give My Blood)
20. Grab The Bull (Last Man Standing) (First Draft - previously unreleased)
CD 2: Best Of Ballads
01. Für immer (Classic Night Orchestra Version)
02. Above The Ashes
03. Love Me In Black (New Recording 2020)
04. Scarred
05. Rare Diamond (New Live Recording "Forever Warriors Forever United" Tour)
06. Make Time For Love (New Live Recording "Forever Warriors Forever United" Tour)
07. Tausend Mal gelebt (Live)
08. Fall For Me Again (Live)
09. Give Me A Reason
10. Love Me Forever (feat. Lemmy Kilmister)
11. Angel In The Dark
12. Walking With The Angels (feat. Tarja Turunen)
13. Beyond The Trees (New Recording 2020)
14. Herzblut
15. Undying (live Unplugged)
16. Constant Danger (live Unplugged)
17. Prisoner Of Love (NYC Version - previously unreleased)
18. Warrior Soul
CD 3: Rare Treasures
01. The Queen
02. Metal Tango (Classic Night Orchestra Version)
03. I Rule The Ruins (Live)
04. Hellbound (Live)
05. Even Angels Cry (Live)
06. The Fortuneteller (Live)
07. Save My Soul (Live)
08. Egypt (The Chains Are On)
09. She's Like Thunder
10. Bad Blood (Live - Feat. Blaze Bayley)
11. Whenever I Think Of You (Live)
12. My Majesty (Live)
13. Hellraiser (Live)
14. Alles Ist Gut (Live)
15. Let Love Rain On Me (Live)
16. Chained
17. Black Rose


Doro Pesch - vocals
Bas Maas - guitar
Luca Princiotta - guitar
Nick Douglas - bass
Johnny Dee - drums

With Warlock:
Burning The Witches (1984)
Hellbound (1985)
True As Steel (1986)
Triumph And Agony (1987)
As Doro:
Force Majeure (1989)
Doro (1990)
True at Heart (1991)
Angels Never Die (1993)
Machine II Machine (1995)
Love Me in Black (1998)
Calling the Wild (2000)
Fight (2002)
Classic Diamonds (2004)
Warrior Soul (2006)
Fear No Evil (2009)
Raise Your Fist (2012)

Forever Warriors, Forever United (2018)



Released 2020-11-13
Reviewed 2020-11-09


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I don’t think the artist known as Doro needs any introduction, she is one of the more influential artists in the history of metal and hardrock. A voice that should be familiar to anyone who listens to the genre. She broke through with Warlock and then it was Doro, a pretty big discography. And now she gathers the best of rock, of ballads and of the rarer things, one CD of each and double vinyl for the rock and ballads and the rare as a CD. It comes as a CD-digipak, or a CD-box that contains a Doro-brand perfume with a version for him or her and the vinyl edition. I think it seems like a collection for the fans or the collectors.

It is classic and straightforward female fronted heavy metal, of course we have heard it before at is mostly a compilation, though some of it might be new. The rare parts are mostly live, some tracks among the rock and the ballads are also live versions. We hear some prominent names do guest vocals here and there, like Lemmy, Udo, Blaze Bayley and a few more. The sound is really good, as you would expect and there is a bit of variation throughout the many disks. And we do gets lots and lots of music, over fifty tracks – that is a lot to play through in one sitting, even if it is good it is a lot.

It is a good release, the songs are good and we get those enjoyable highlights like All We Are, Für Immer, I Rule the Ruins, and more – I would have loved to have the studio version of Raise Your Fist in the Air as I find that to be way better than the live version they use on this album. But there are always these thoughts when dealing with compilations, you always question some song choices here and there but overall there isn’t too much to complain about. Still, it is probably mostly for the fans or the collectors of this fine lady who still raises her fist in the air and rocks way harder than many of the tired old men of similar age.

You should not miss this collection if you collect Doro or if you are a fan – you can get the right fragrance if you buy the box as well. If you aren’t a major fan you probably will not be disappointed as it is pretty strong, and it contains over 50 worthwhile rocking tracks. It is quite a challenge to play through the entire collection, but in the end I think it is worth it – Doro is really a great metal hero, and this is a fine showcase of her stuff.