Don Dokken

Label: Deadline Music/Cleopatra Records
Three similar bands: Dokken/Mike Tramp/Blackmore's Night

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm
1. In The Meadow
2. I’ll Never Forget
3. Where The Grass Is Green
4. Jealous
5. Ship Of Fools
6. You Are Everything
7. Venice
8. Sarah
9. My Heart Will Go On
10. The Tragedy
11. Someday
12. All That Love Can Be

Don Dokken – vocals, guitar

Up from the Ashes (1990)
Solitary (2008)

Wyn Davis - guitars, bass, synths
Michael Thompson - guitars, bass
Steve Ornest - guitars
Tony Franklin - bass
Frank Lentz - drums
Gary Ferguson - drums
Vinnie Colaiuta - drums
John Schreiner - piano, synth
John Keane - piano, synth
Kelly Keeling - background vocals on "Where The Grass Is Green"


Released 2020-01-31
Reviewed 2020-03-19

cleopatra records

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Don Dokken is of course most known for his part in famous metal band Dokken, but he has done two solo albums, one in 1990 and this one that was released inn 2008 for the first time. This reissue has a few bonus tracks and will be released digitally and on a limited edition vinyl. It is an album that features some strong guests as well as Dokken’s vocal prowess, but is it a good album?

It is an acoustic album with a dozen tracks and fairly good variation, a cover of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On and other tracks where Don has to showcase a different side than the one we hear in the band Dokken. It is a fresh side of Don Dokken, but I wouldn’t say that it is an album that breaks any kind of new ground. It does sound well with strong production and pretty good vocals, playing time is sensible even with the bonus tracks of this reissue.

This is a good album with good songs, I like the mood and the melodies presented, it is an easy album to like. However, it is also an easy album to forget, it doesn’t make a strong impact or lasting impression. In the end I would describe it as a solid effort. One thing that is missing is a standout track, something that makes you want to return to the album but also something that makes the album memorable – the lack of memorability is a bit of a negative because even though the album is good it is one that I probably never will return to now that I have written about it.

A fine curiosity for the Dokken fans who wants to hear what Don can to in a different setting, if you are one of those it could be worth checking out. If you aren’t a Dokken fan it is an album you could do very well without, it doesn’t offer anything that we haven’t heard before.