Crown of Glory
Ad Infinitum

Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: Serious Black/Mob Rules/Avantasia

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Emergency
02. Something (feat. Seraina Telli)
03. Let`s Have A Blast
04. Emporium Of Dreams
05. Surrender
06. Infinity
07. Glorious Nights
08. Make Me Believe
09. Master Of Disguise
10. What I`m Made Of
11. Until I`m Done
12. Say My Name

Heinz "Hene" Muther - Vocals
Markus "Kusi" Muther - Guitars
Hans "Hungi" Berglas - Guitars
Jonas Lüscher - Bass
Oliver Schumacher - keys
Lukas Soland - Drums

Spirit (EP 2005)
Raven's Flight (EP 2007)
A Deep Breath of Life (2008)
King for a Day (2014)

Seraina Telli - vocals

Produced by Hungi Berglas & Co-produced by olf Munkes
All music recorded by Rolf Munkes at Empire Studio, Bensheim, Germany
All vocals recorded by Hean Marc Viller at Frantic Ville Studio, Winznau, Switzerland
Mixing and mastering by Thomas Plec Johansson at The Panic Room Studio, Skövde, Sweden

Released 2020-09-11
Reviewed 2020-09-09

fastball music

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Ad Infinitum is a phrase I have written quite often in the many reviews that I have written for the Hallowed webzine; many albums or genres goes ad infinitum. This is entitled, not completely inappropriately, Ad Infinitum and is the third album by the sextet that calls itself Crown of Glory. It is said to be one of the most anticipated metal albums 2020 if you look at the underground scene, I think they might be exaggerating somewhat when making such a statement. But I don’t really know much about this band and despite that I could guess that they were swiss just by looking at the cover of this CD, they have that swiss graphic style – so what about the style of music?

Rock, Melodic Metal is the description on the little press sheet for the album, and that is a decent description I suppose. They do go for very catchy stuff with very distinct choruses, with lots of melodies and simple song structures. There is no fancy stuff here, just straightforward rock and metal songs. They have a pretty good singer and gets some fine female guest vocals for the second track as well, the variation is okay but doesn’t really make the album last the entire playing time, it should have been somewhat shorter. I also think that the album could have been more dynamic with more depth, and perhaps some more imagination while I am on the subject of things missing.

There is quite a bit of hit potential with the strong choruses, there are some really excellent choruses in the beginning of this album, the opening four tracks are really strong. But then I think the album tends to become less and less interesting and towards the end I am not really listening, I have given up a long time ago. I think the seventh track Glorious Nights is the last one I listen to, the ones following just pass without making an impression and if I run it on repeat the interest is reawaken when the first track Emergency begins again, that track is one of my favourites. I also think that the fourth track Emporium of Dreams is strong along with one of the video tracks Something, the second video track What I’m Made Of is a pretty dreary effort though.

In the end I think that Crown of Glory gives us a pretty good effort, at times it is excellent, but they don’t really sell the whole album. Fans of the catchy and melodic rock and metal could check this one out, I don’t think it will disappoint. It has some very impressive touches; I find it too bad that they add so many lacklustre songs to that brilliant start – imagine how great this could have been.