Carl Dixon

Label: AOR Heaven
Three similar bands: Coney Hatch/Def Leppard/Aerosmith

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Can't Love A Memory
2. Bowl Me Over
3. Nothing Lasts Forever
4. Every Step Of The Way
5. Summer Nights
6. All My Love And Hopes For You
7. This Isn't The End
8. Drive Just Drive
9. Roll The Dice
10. Keep The Faith
11. Unbroken

Carl Dixon - vocals
Robby Böbel - guitar, keyboards
Dylan Gowan - drums
Mark Santers - drums
Thomas "Hutch" Bauer - bass

One (1993)
Into The Future ‎(2001)
One Voice, Two Hands ‎(2003)
Lucky Dog ‎(2011)
Snow ‎(2013)
Whole 'Nother Thing ‎(2017)



Released 2019-11-29
Reviewed 2020-02-29


aor heaven

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Carl Dixon is a man from Canada who has been heard in the band Coney Hatch, and he has done some solo albums during his many years. The debut album One was rereleased recently, and the new album is called Unbroken and it sports a picture of an old man on the cover, old and tired. I guess you can say the same about the album, it sounds old and tired – it sounds like it looks.

AOR, melodic rock or melodic hard rock, you can use any such description and compare them to just about any band that fits any of those descriptions. It is a cautious album that threads the most well threaded paths, no sense of adventure. Production is pretty good, so is the vocals but the variation is very predictable. I think Dixon shows a strong sense of lack of creative thinking and ideas.

Really? That is what I come to think when hearing this album, mediocre is the word that comes to mind. There is nothing outstanding about this album, originality is important and so are great songs, and this album has none of that, so it isn’t very exciting or great. This album is mediocre, it is not a bad album but not a very good one.

Like any other of the countless and undramatic albums that are out there, I wouldn’t really recommend this one as it doesn’t really offer anything we haven’t heard before. Perhaps you like the album is you like melodic rock genre, but chances are probably bigger that you will listen to this one once or twice and then forget about it.