Born in Exile

Label: Art Gates Records
Three similar bands: Corelyn/Ipsilon/Nevermore

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Heretic Antiphon
2. Enchantress
3. Living Inside Me
4. Herd of Deception
5. One More Line
6. Ziggurat
7. Save Us
8. The Lighthouse of the Haunted Keeper
9. Torch

Kris Vega - Vocals
Juanma Ávila - Drums
Carlos Castillo - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Lucas Comuñas - Bass, Vocals (backing)
Joaco Luís - Guitars

Drizzle of Cosmos (2017)

Lead guitar from Torch and Herd of Deception by Ramiro Alva
Lead guitar tracks from Enchantress, Living Inside Me, Ziggurat and Save us, The Lighthouse of the Haunted Keeper by Joaco Luís

Edited and Mixed at BIE Studios, BCN
Mastered by Arcay Sounds
Drum tracks recorded at Nview Sessions, Piera, BCN
Guitar, bass, percussions and vocal tracks recorded at Vic Granell Studios
Carlos Castillo - Producer, Editing, Mixing
Lucas Comuñas - Producer
Néstor Català - Recording (Violin Tracks)
Raquel Arellano - Artwork, Art direction
Vic A. Granell - Photography

Released 2020-03-06
Reviewed 2020-03-20

art gates records

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Spanish band Born I Exile comes up with their second album, the first one called Drizzle of Cosmos was released in 2017 and was very much praised by critics – at least that is what they say in the blurbs about the band. They are female fronted and their new album offers nine tracks and a cover that probably isn’t the most impressive I have ever seen, but not the worst one either. The question nowadays is probably if it is a good album to enjoy when lingering in isolation hiding from that now famous coronavirus disease that so many seems to fear, so is it?

Resounding rhythms, impossible solos, basic riffs, progressive influences, fierce hooks, an impressive staging and furious vocals almost reaching the growl and touching the sky. The previous sentence was taken from the label’s description of the new album and it has me thinking; if the solos are impossible, how did they do it? But if we disregard those apparently impossible, yet possible to put on album, solos, it is a pretty diverse album, and it is modern, melodic, and progressive with pretty wide range of styles throughout. The vocal description is pretty accurate I think, and I would claim that the sound is very strong – a really well produced album, it sounds quite fresh as well.

Great album with great songs, the lack of a excellent song might be the only slight negative about the album, and that isn’t much of a negative to me. I like this one as it is fresh, far from as dull and cowardly as many albums that are released these days. All the songs are good, but I think the opening duo along with The Light House of the Haunted Keeper are my favourite parts of the album, the slight negative on the song department is the lack of an outstanding track that would make it even more memorable and even greater.

If you like fresh and modern metal it is a good album to check out, the sound is fresh and dramatic and the songs are good – it is probably well worth your time. So if you want something new and fresh to fill your days in quarantine, this would be a very good choice.