Label: Pride & Joy Music
Three similar bands: Pink Floyd/Genesis/Jethro Tull

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Trance-Preparation
2. Rituals
3. The Night Of The Wild-Boar
4. Visions,
5. Kali-Yuga
6. Shaman
7. Battle
8. Der Tod
9. Danse Macabre
10. Anrufung
11. Ragnarøkkr

Albert Ambrosi - Keyboards, Flute, Backing Vocals
Franco Violo - Lead Vocals
Andrea Gottoli - Guitars
Kikko Rebeschini Sambugaro - Drums, Percussions
Paolo Scandolo - Bass

Götterdämmerung (1991)
Esoteric Poem (1992)
Arkana (1992)
Imago Mundi (1993)
Drachenblut (2000)


Produced by Roland Grapow

Released 2020-05-15
Reviewed 2020-06-09

pride & joy

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Italian quintet Asgard sees the end of days when they come with their sixth album Ragnarøkkr, an album that has a cover that well reflects what we hear on the album. The band itself has been around since 1986; they released the debut album in 1991 and were most active in the early nineties in terms of releases. So, how about this new release? I notice that the press material claims that they don’t really go with the flow, they are described as unique. That isn’t true very often but in this case it isn’t a preposterous claim as they do offer a fairly personal perspective.

Folk or progressive metal is probably the best way to describe this band; they go for atmospheres with myths and fantasy infused with medieval senses throughout the songs. I would say that they are quite adventurous and varied, and the production from Roland Grapow is very strong as well. The vocalist is pretty good but far from great, he does suit the style quite well though. And I would say that they offer good depth and the playing time feels pretty decent as well, a quality production that feels fresh enough to merit some interest.

It is a good album with good tracks, the atmospheres are strong and the fresh feel makes this band relevant. I like that they make their own paths through the shrubberies instead of running the most trampled down pathways and the road most travelled, this guys do their thing and they have a sound that makes them stand out. The negative I see is that they don’t manage to put together an outstanding song, the album doesn’t have the appeal that the best albums have. Every time this album ends I feel as though it should have been better, the lack of standout song and standout moments make it falter slightly.

It is an album that could be worth checking out; there is a pretty good chance that you will like it. I think it should have been better, that it is lacking that little extra that makes a good album great. But you do get a fresh and entertaining album and that isn’t too bad.