The Happy Sun

1. Alien girl
2. All your colours fade into me
3. On a rail
4. Summerrain
5. The smiling enemy
6. Rabbit gang
7. Stars without fame
8. Born to realize
9. Red
10. Evil heart
11. Harmonize
12. The house on Highland avenue

Philipp Pluhar - Drums
Christof Baumgartner - Bass
Andreas Koch - guitar
Gerhard Potuznik - guitar & vocals


Christine Nemec - add. vocals

Recorded by Gerhard Potuznik
Produced by Gerhard Potuznik & Bernd Heinrauch
Mixed by Bernd Heinrauch
Mastered by Pete Maher
Artwork & photos by Gerhard Potuznik

Released 2019-09-27
Reviewed 2019-12-13


noise appeal records

A sun that is happy is probably a good thing for the world, unless it gives too much heat because it is too happy. The Happy Sun is a project by Gerhard Potuznik, a musician that is prominent in the circuits of electronic music. He was apparently listening to some old amateur recordings he had, music recorded in the 70s and 80s and inspired by bands of that era. It inspired him to write new stuff, but that new stuff didn’t fit his normal electronic sound for GD Luxxe so a new entity needed to coma alive and hence The Happy Sun was born. And it is a happy album that much is certain – but is the sun really happy? Perhaps it is.

Musically it is a bit nostalgic, shoegaze, psychedelic rock like it was in the late seventies but with a modern flair – something like that. The production is fresh and modern, the vocals good and the overall sound is pretty happy. I would claim that the album is relatively varied and it is good that their nostalgia at least draws from something a bit more obscure than most other nostalgia-infused bands we see today. But I would not call this original but at least there is a sense of freshness in all the nostalgia. It is an album that will probably work well amongst a wider audience; it should not scare away any potential fans.

It is good this album, the songs are strong and enjoyable to listen to. I wouldn’t say that it is an album that has too many flaws; it is a fine experience to listen through it. The lack of originality is one thing that a critic has to point out though, and even more the lack of a distinct hit song that draws the listener into the album – I think such a song is missing. But when you are listening to the album that becomes less of a thing and you enjoy a fine album, an album that could make you smile a little bit. It is a happy album and quite enjoyable, albeit not fantastic.

I am not sure that it makes the sun happy but it will probably make plenty of music fans happy and that is perhaps enough, I think that it should have been a bit more memorable though. Perhaps dared a little more but I don’t think you should be too harsh on a band that makes a pretty strong and happy album – the sun may be smiling a little bit when enjoying this debut album by The Happy Sun.




Label: Noise Appeal Records
Three similar bands: Hüsker Dü/Joy Divison/Billy Idol

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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