Dun Field Three

01. Lion
02. Rosie
03. Zombie
04. Fade To Gray
05. Gone
06. Blood River
07. Sandy Sandy Sandy
08. Sins
09. Ready

Daucocco - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Nachtlieb - Baritone and bass guitars
Goto - drums


Chris Janka - additional guitars on Gone and Sandy Sandy Sandy

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Janka Industries by Chris Janka
Artwork by Dominik Uhl
Cover photo by Apollonia T. Bitzan

Released 2019-04-12
Reviewed 2019-05-27

noise appeal records

That’s an ugly cover! The thought I had when first getting this album, a trio of odd birds is how they are described. The press material also claims that it is an album that can’t be easily fitted into a genre box, indefinable in terms of genre descriptions is another thing mentioned. Ten tracks is what we are getting and we end up being ready after seeing lions, rivers of blood and zombies – some funny titles and besides the ugly cover there is nothing negative in terms of peaking the interest, too bad tha the music isn’t of the same quality.

Slow rock, soft rock with a vocal style that feels massing, kind of like a preacher preaching to its flock. Not much variation and the tempo feel a bit low, nothing that really seems like potential hit songs. The massing and baritone vocals are quite boring and I don’t think the production is too impressive either. Sure, the album doesn’t quite fit a label box but it doesn’t sound very fresh or exciting, the album needs a bit more dynamics I think as the playing time feels a tad toward the long side despite being quite sensible.

The Austrian band doesn’t really make much of an impression; I would call it slow, boring, dull, dreary, and unimaginative and things like that. There are just so many better albums to choose from so why chose this dull and slow affair that is more a cure for insomnia than an enjoyable piece of music. If I listen to this one I don’t need the sleeping pills.

Dun Field Three has put together a debut album where the kindest thing I can write is that it isn’t a bad one. But not being bad isn’t really a good foundation to sell albums, so I would say that the ugly cover could be said to be a signal not to bother with it. Because if you do not bother with this album you will have saved yourself both time and boredom, I would say that I have reviewed about a hundred or so albums only this year that are more interesting than this album.





Label: Noise Appeal Records
Three similar bands: Ash My Love/Krooked Tooth/Aktiontheater Ensenble
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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