Dark Sarah
The Golden Moth

01. Desert Rose
02. Trespasser
03. Wheel
04. My Beautiful Enemy
05. I Once Had Wings
06. Pirates
07. Sky Sailing
08. Wish
09. The Gods Speak
10. Promise
11. Golden Moth
12. The Gate Of Tim

Heidi Parviainen (as Dark Sarah) - vocals
JP Leppäluoto (as Dragon) - vocals
Erkka Korhonen - guitar
Sami Salonen - guitar
Rude Rothstén - bass
Thomas Tunkkari - drums

Beyond the Black Veil (2015)
The Puzzle (2016)

Zuberoa Aznarez
Marco Hietala
Netta Skog

Production, orchestrations and mixing by Mikko.P.Mustonen - Pathos Music
Mastered by Henka Niemistö – Chartmakers
Artwork by Jan Yrlund, Darkgrove Design

Released 2018-09-21
Reviewed 2018-09-02


inner wound

Dark Sarah returns to end their trilogy that they call The Chronicles, and they do so with an album entitled The Golden Moth. When I got this promo my first thought was that their titles are getting worse for each album and I hoped that it wouldn’t be the same when it came to quality. Their first album was really good and that one I really liked but with the reservation about them not really offering anything stylistically exciting. Then their second album was perhaps a better production but a lot less interesting album, so lets have a look at the third one and I will do that without bothering with the story because it hasn’t interested me on the previous albums and I found it to be equally dreary on this one - just a power metal story of the same kind that most bands who likes concepts write.

An album that stylewise sounds the same as the previous two, dual vocals with Sarah being the most prominent and the guy who calls himself Dragon being the balancer. It is symphonic metal inspired by film music, nothing revolutionary in terms of the stylistic and you can describe it the same way as you describe many bands in the same genre. They take the well-threaded paths and never really deviate to find their own, but they sure knows how to make a good sounding album and the vocalists are quite good as well. A bit on the long side and it is an album that could have used a bit more depth and imagination as well as variation.

Right from the first time I notice that it will be more of the same and I never really find my way into this album, I think that it is quite good with good songs and all but it never really catches my full attention. Those who like Dark Sarah’s previous albums will most likely find this one appealing as well, it is the same and what was a bit boring on The Puzzle is even more boring now. I know that I may sound negative but I don’t dislike the album, I think it is rather good but that it should have been better as I believe the band has much more potential than they have shown, they just need to find their own voice and not copy what others have done.

Keen fans will enjoy this and probably find it being just as good as the previous works, Internet critics will probably agree with the fans in general. Personally I have found this to be a pretty good album, but not a very exciting album as I think it sounds  a little bit too much done to fit a certain format and not like something created from an artist’s vision. I thought this band had something going for them when I heard their first album but now I am not so sure, they are starting to feel like one of those who makes up the numbers. The Golden Moth is solid album but I can’t help feeling that these guys should have done better than this.






Label: Inner Wound Recordings
Three similar bands:
Amberian Dawn/Xandria/Evenoire
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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