Here Comes the Dark!

I. Anthropocene
1. Ride the Last Sunrise
2. Wonderful World
3. Wanderer
4. Hyperoïne
II. Phytocene
5. To the Ground
6. Silent at Last
7. Dead Cities
8. Invocation
9. Rise, Goddess
III. Mycocene
1. Errant
2. Sanctuaire
3. God Mycelium
4. Vulvaire
5. All the Sacred Voices
6. Urnacht
IV. Oryktocene
7. Wind
8. Earth
9. Fire
10. Space / Departure


D. Schlagmeister – drums, vocals
J. Wierdmann – guitars, additional keys
M Axwielder – guitars 
V. DiCabillo – bass
R. T. Especial – vocals, moog, noise

An Eye On The Universe (2009)    
The Serpent, The Prophet & The Whore (2012)


Produced by Magnus Lindberg

Released 2018-05-11
Reviewed 2018-09-09


pelagic records

Dark is where they are heading, the band called Abraham who recently released their third album. I was not that impressed with what they offered last time around but that was all the way back in 2012 so many things has happened since then. Like when the Mayan calendar ended and the world ended, several other things have happened as well since 2012 is quite a while ago now. Fans might have waited but I sure haven’t and I can’t say that the artwork is very impressive for this double CD or quadruple vinyl. The album tells a post apocalyptic story in four chapters, one for each vinyl disk, so it is a rather long and ambitious album.

Abraham tells the in four distinctive chapters that drives the story forwards, the album is quite powerful and I think the genre can be described in terms like sludge or something like that. It is powerful and intense, the production is good and it feels like the band has taken a step forward compared with what they offered last time I heard them. The vocals still feels a bit monotonous and growly, but they suit their style quite well so I guess you can call the vocals quite poor but still okay for the style of music the band offers. There is a decent variation between the chapters of the album even though I think it is a bit on the long side with a playing time nearing two hours. It would not have hurt the album to be shorter and more direct I think.

Right then, I think that this album can be described as good, I kind of like it – the post-apocalyptic mood and the overall intensity of it. It is a lot better than the previous album; the band has clearly taken a leap forward in terms of quality. But perhaps they do too much of it and perhaps they should have looked to have a some more accessible songs because while I can find this album quite good, I can also find it terribly dreary and sometimes it feels like an album where nothing really happens. I think that it is a great album for fans of the band or the similar bands we have listed in this review so if you like this kind of music I am quite sure that you will like this one as well.

Keeping up with the story of the album might be hard, and also keeping a keen interest all the way through will be difficult as well. I think that they make a little too much and the album is a bit too long, but it is a good album nevertheless. Not one of the top albums of the year but Abraham has certainly taken a good step forward in their musical craftsmanship.




Label: Pelagic Records
Three similar bands: Cult of Luna/Khoma/Earthship

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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