The Soul Exchange

01. City of the Ripper
02. Left Behind
03. Life Eternal
04. Torn to Pieces
05. Passenger of Pain
06. The Apple
07. Son of Darkness
08. Hangin’ On
09. Date with the Devil
10. Familiar with the Human Race

Hans Von Bell - guitars and keys
Thomas Von Bell - guitars
Patrik Ekelöf - bass
Daniel John - vocals and keys
Benny White - drums*
*not performing on album

The Soul Exchange (2015)

Jens Joel Evaldsson - narrator on tr. 10
Magnus Ljungqvist - keyboardss & programming
Ulf Wahlberg - organ on tr. 2 & 8
Derek J Wilson - drums

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Magnus "Tank" Ljungqvist
Recorded at XTC Production AB, Älvsjö, Sweden

Released 2017
Reviewed 2017-06-15


mervilton records

Swedish The Soul Exchange gives us their second album, an album they call Bloodbound. It is a dark album at least judging from its cover, it has ten tracks and according to some press information they offer their own unique style of metal infused, modern guitar driven hard rock, with great attention to the melodies and grand vocal arrangements – I am not sure about that but they do offer a great album. It is an album of ten tracks that I have been listening a lot to these last few days and now I have come up with the following conclusion:

It is a hard rock album of classic style, it reminds me of many bands I grew up listening to, things from the distant past. But they offer this classic style with some modern touches, great production and great vocals. It is also a varied album, some writer claimed it was a bit incoherent but I do not agree with that, I think they pull it all together very well into a coherent – well-produced album. But I wouldn’t claim it is as unique as the press information claims, they do however put out their music with a rather fresh perspective on these very familiar sounding songs. However, this familiar feeling could be something of a weakness because it is rather impossible not to notice the familiar traits and figure out where they drew their inspiration for that particular song.

Bloodbound is a good album, good melodies, good songs, ten good songs. I like all the songs of this album, they are all of high quality and I have to claim that it is a very entertaining album. Sure one can argue that their lack of uniqueness could be seen as a problem but when you make songs as good as these guys do on this album it isn’t really an issue. No this is certainly an album well worth checking out, a high quality production with a great vocalist and a familiar yet relatively fresh sound.

Thumbs up for this album, it is very strong and very entertaining and you would be a fool to not check out what this album has to offer. Just listen to great songs like Passenger of Pain and Left Behind and you know exactly what I am on about. Great stuff, great album that I can highly recommend to anyone who likes great music, especially those who wants to hear something a little familiar. It is great stuff!




Label: Mervilton Records
Three similar bands: Halestorm/3 Doors Down/Ghost
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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