Silver Dust
The Age of Decadence

01. Welcome
02. Heaven Knows
03. My Heart Is My Savior
04. Shame On You!
05. Princese De Ma Chair
06. Morte D'aimer
07. The Age Of Decadence
08. Now We Request
09. The Judgment Day
10. Forgive Me

Lord Campbell - vocals, guitars, keys
Tiny Pistol - guitar, bg vocals
Kurghan - bass
Mr Killjoy - drums

Lost in Time (2013)

Carlyn Monnin - classical soprano vocals on Forgive Me
David Grillon - guitar solo on Now We Requestq

Recorded , mixed and mastered by David Grillon at Artsonic MediaStudio, Greenwood Studio & Grigisound Studio
Vocal Coach - Magnalia
Cover Design by Lolita Lassa
Illustration design by KC
Booklet photos by Romain Guélat
Photos on CD/DVD by AlexiaTantardini-Sutterlet
Executive producer: Eric Loth

Released 2017-06-23
Reviewed 2017-06-03

fastball music

Swiss band Silver Dust came to life in 2013 and released their first album that same year, and now they are back more decadent than ever. The Age of Decadence is their new album, their second album. It looks to be on the gothic side, the band themselves is looking a bit like something from Tim Burton’s World and it is claimed that they have this kind of exciting live show. But the live show is not what I am looking at here; it is whether or not the band has put together a good and decadent new album.

A good production is what they have put together; the album has a dark strong gothic sound. The vocalist is good, the album has ten tracks and decent variation – the playing time is kept short with around 40 minutes. They sing in both French and English and they have good blend of elements in their sound, I think they have a relatively fresh sound. I think it is an album that will appeal to fans of the gothic side of the rock and metal music – a solid production.

The Age of Decadence is a good album with good songs, and I don’t think it has any weaknesses hence the conclusion that it is a strong album. However, there is always a but, as it usually it is when you review and album, there are many great things but there is always something. That but is the fact that while the album has no weaknesses, but neither does it have any major strength like a hit songs or anything like that. So it is a good album but it doesn’t stand out from the crowds, it isn’t an album that makes you stop in your stride and take notice, it is just a solid effort.

In the end I find that I kind of like this album, it is a good album and fans of gothic music should have a closer look at it. But in the grander scheme of things I don’t think that it is exciting enough to really make an impact. Perhaps it is best seen as a foundation for the stage show that is claimed to be so great, lets say that it is. The end result is that this is a good album, and it is easy to like.



Label: Fastball Music/Escudero Records
Three similar bands: Deftones/Tool/Lordi

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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