All That Remains

01. Safe House
02. Madness
03. Nothing I Can Do
04. If I'm Honest
05. Halo
06. Louder
07. River City
08. Open Grave
09. Far From Home
10. Trust And Believe
11. Back To You
12. Never Sorry
13. The Thunder Rolls

Philip Labonte – lead vocals
Oli Herbert – lead guitar
Mike Martin – rhythm guitar
Aaron Patrick – bass guitar
Jason Costa – drumsr

Behind Silence and Solitude (2002)
This Darkened Heart (2004)
The Fall of Ideals (2006)
Overcome (2008)
For We Are Many (2010)
A War You Cannot Win (2012)
The Order of Things (2015)

Diamante Azzura, Meron Ryan, Sidnie Tipton, Lenny Skolnik, Seann Bowe – Freedom Chorus
Diamante Azzura – backing vocals

Howard Benson – production, mixing
Mike Plotnikoff – co-producer
Bob Ludwig – mastering
Lenny Skolnik, Seann Bowe, Howard Benson – keyboards and programming
Igor Khoroshev – string arrangement on "Back to You"

Released 2017-04-28
Reviewed 2017-05-26

eleven seven

There is a truth to rock fans, and that is that most of them want bands to always remain the same and loyal to them, in the belief that the bands owe them something. And god forbid if a band reaches success and also evolves musically, perhaps because they see what works and plays more on that or they want to evolve. All That Remains who have some albums under the belt seems to be such a band, I read reviews and comments on youtube complaining about a band making shit music these days and generic mediocrity and that sort of thing. Personally I have not heard All That Remains before listening to this album but generally these people complaining has no real case because if you listen to the backlog of these bands getting these complaints the albums they dream back of sounds very similar to the new ones.

All That Remains do metalcore, pretty typical metalcore with the classic growls, the melodies, cleans vocals and all that usually exist in this kind of music. Madness offers no surprises and no fresh ideas, the production is very good, the sound excellent and I would call this a high quality production – no imagination but really well made. There is a point to some of the comments around this album, it is quite generic, but it is definitely no shit – well it is good shit and I think you can definitely listen to and like it. It is an easily accessible album that will go down well with many because it is easy to like.

I think Madness is a decent album, it may not stand out or go down in music history but it can still be an enjoyable album to listen to. The title track is great and the album itself works quite well and I kind of like it, and I think many more with me will like it. I think they are unfairly criticised in those youtube comments and hostile reviews, not that they are brilliant or anything but it may be hard to say that they aspire for mediocrity and all of that.

All That Remains has made a decent album with this one they call Madness, it may not offer anything new but I can really like listening to it. Could be worth checking out if you like Metalcore but for me it is nothing to add to my record collection.




Label: Eleven Seven Music
Three similar bands: Killswitch Engage/Shadows Fall/The Acacia Strain
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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