01. Persephone
02. Sorceress
03. The Wilde Flowers
04. Will O The Wisp
05. Chrysalis
06. Sorceress 2
07. The Seventh Sojourn
08. Strange Brew
09. A Fleeting Glance
10. Era
11. Persephone (Slight Return)

Mikael Åkerfeldt – vocals, guitar,
Fredrik Åkesson – guitar, backing vocals
Joakim Svalberg – piano, keyboard, backing vocals
Martín Méndez – bass guitar
Martin Axenrot – drums, percussion

Orchid (1995)
Morningrise (1996)
My Arms, Your Hearse (1998)
Still Life (1999)
Blackwater Park (2001)
Deliverance (2002)
Damnation (2003)
Ghost Reveries (2005)
Watershed (2008)
Heritage (2011)

Pale Communion (2014)

Pascale Marie Vickery - spoken words on Persephone and Persephone (Slight Return)

Wil Malone – string arrangements
Tom Dalgety – engineering, production, mixing
John Davis – mastering
Travis Smith – cover art

Released 2016-09-30
Reviewed 2016-10-07


nuclear blast

Opeth is one of the most interesting and exciting bands around, at least they were until Pale Communion that I saw as a rather predictable and slightly uninspired album that follows in the footsteps of it great predecessor Heritage. Sorceress is a new album that follows in those footsteps, further back. The band continues their journey of become increasingly predictable with each new album and this has to be the most predictable to date.

Sure, the production is great, it sounds good, the performances are flawless but ultimately it is just a piece of crap in a lovely package. It doesn’t take long to see through this one and it feels a little bit like Åkerfeldt had no inspiration and just wrote this album (like Pale Communion) just because he needed to release another album to make some more money – kind of like all these bad Hollywood sequels. I find it difficult to muster up even the will to play this album after a few times – it feels that uninspired.

The more I hear this album, the less I like it. It is an uninspiring album to listen to, It fails to do what a good album should do, it doesn’t catch my attention and it doesn’t even sound interesting and all I want to do is turn it off. But I think (by looking at fooltube of one Opeth video from this album) that it will be an album that is hated by troglodytes for not having growls and not being exactly like Blackwater Park and loved by fools because they imagine that they are sophisticated and unique by liking this unlikeable and drab album. The truth is that it is neither hate-worthy nor love-worthy; it is just an uninspired and mediocre album by a band that has made themselves a name by making anything but mediocre album.

They deserve a slight plus for not reverting back to their much-loved growly past but also a minus for not really evolving since Heritage either. It doesn’t even have a single strong track, and you should know I have really looked for one and I want to like albums like in styles similar to this but this one is just drab. I would describe it as a sleeping pill, so I can recommend it for those of you who have problems sleeping.




Label: Moderbolaget Records/Nuclear Blast
Three similar bands: Porcupine Tree/Katatonia/Storm Corrosion
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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