1. Welcome To The Show
2. Hate The Pain
3. Round 'n' Round
4. Road To Nowhere
5. One For Rock 'n' Roll
6. Need Your Love
7. Persephone
8. Hero Of The Day
9. Trip
10. Rock 'n' Roll Medication
11. No Surrender
12. For Good
13. We Rock
14. Sleeping In My Car (CD Bonustrack)

Van Alen - guitar
Markus Winkler - guitar
Sandra Urbanek - vocals
Tom Tieber - vocals
Petra Grooves - bass
Roman Daucher - drums

The Awakening (EP 2007)
Impetus (2008)
Journey Saturnine (2012)

Frank Pitters - all keys & programming
Linda de Wilde - Saxophone, Jaw’s Harp & Backing Vocals
Miriam Schütz - Backing Vocals
Benjamin F. X. Bauer - Backing Vocals
Christian “Nessi” Neszhold - Backing Vocals

Recorded , mixed and mastered by Frank Pitters at Silverline Studio, Vienna.
Studio Drum Tech by Anthony K. & Roland Navratil
Produced by Frank Pitters & Ecliptica
Cover artwork, layout and all photos by Felix Mitterer
Cover Model Kathi Kurzbauer
Cover Model Make-up & Hair by Nadine Mayerhofer
Ecliptica Make-up & Hair by Maria Melendez & Julia Rovettin

Released 2016-01-15
Reviewed 2016-02-02


Sonata Arctica called their debut album released in 1999 Ecliptica, the same thing as this band has decided to call themselves. They were formed in 2004 and this is their third studio album called Ecliptified and with this they feel that they have created their best stuff to date and they are very proud of what they have accomplished. That’s great for them and with a sexy cover on top of that, who could avoid being interested? And with a band that is a sextet with dual vocalists where one is male and the other is female, something that is fairly uncommon for a band that makes hardrock/heavy metal and that could be seen as an indication of an exciting release.

Seen to style however, it isn’t really that exciting with fairly classic hardrock/heavy metal, eighties style. I get some Meal Loaf vibes when hearing some of the duets they do on this album, although I have to point out that said loaf had a lot better vocal prowess in his prime than this guy has. But it gives a feel of dynamics to vary the vocal styles with duets, songs where the guy mainly sings and songs where the girl mainly sings, the songs show a strong variation and many classic styles choruses makes it a very catchy album that could appeal to a fairly wide audience. The sound is pretty good but it is not on par with the absolute best production of today. Then it is impossible to overlook the sensation of déjà vu as all the songs feel extremely familiar even the first time I hear them, it is like they have borrowed the parts from other songs and I find myself often trying to figure out where I have heard those melodies before.

Catchy and quite energetic, I would call this a very good album. Not fantastic but entertaining enough to appeal to a fairly wide audience and playing the nostalgic card is always a good thing as many have a romanticised view of the past and live within the illusion that it was better in the past, something that of course is utter gibberish. The songs on this album are made to make you listen and maybe they want you to try to figure out where they found that particular riff, melody or solo. I think that you would be a fool if you described this album as imaginative, fresh or creatively interesting – it is good but it offers nothing we haven’t already heard many times before and for being such a band they are just not quite good enough to earn a place in my catalogue of great albums I have heard. I am quite sure that Ecliptied will be falling into oblivion quite soon after I have placed my last period in this review text.

I think that Sleeping in My Car, the old hit by Roxette is the absolute highlight of this album for two reasons and that is firstly because it is the best song on the album and secondly because it is the most original track on the album. Other than that I think it is the songs where the female vocals dominate that are of the highest calibre. And in the end it is a good album, no doubt about that but it is also a little too unimaginative to really make an impression – to me Ecliptica will still be at its best as the debut album of Sonata Arctica.



Label: Mars Music Productions
Three similar bands: Gotthard/Meat Loaf/Bon Jovi
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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