Blue Sky Theory

01. The Covenant
02. Build It Up Tear It Down
03. Ignorance Is Bliss
04. It All Ends The Same
05. This Day
06. Cassandra
07. I Can’t Forget
08. Nil
09. End Of The Road

Ben Schön
Eike Behrens
Daniel Pajak
Fabian Korbjun
Patrick Timmermann



Artwork & Layout by Axl Hoffmann
Recorded and produced by Kai Stahlenberg at Kohlekeller Studios

Released 2016-04-17
Reviewed 2016-05-23


A Blue Sky Theory from Germany is what we have here. Could it be something like the theory of gravity or relativity, those are some of the theories that I enjoy? German blue sky band in sky blue German car theory is one of my theories that I have tested with this album called Cassandra. It is the debut album of the band, a band that was formed in 2014 and after some line up changes and stuff they found the right vocalist and stuff so now they have put together their first album – an album with a really cool artwork. So, now let us see if a blue sky album by a German band works in a blue German car.

They are described as alternative metal, at least in the press info they sent to me, and they sound kind of like most bands that are described like that. They have some progressive touches and their album is fairly varied through nine tracks, I have to say though that numbering the tracks with roman numerals is a bit lame – but at the same time it fits well with the style of the artwork they use for the album. The singer sounds pretty well, he has a decent vocal range that ranges from a bit grunty to bright and soft. I think it works well in a German car, and as the production is very good it can be described as a quality production. And as it has both depth and variation it has longevity as well, add to that the fact that it is easy to take to it means that the album most likely will appeal to many.

Maybe it is the blue German car that makes this Blue Sky Theory from Germany sound so good; I really like listening to it while driving that blue German car. I also like listening to it on other occasions and as it works in many situations it is a theory I can subscribe to and recommend that you look closer at it. I don’t think it has any weaknesses, other than maybe that it sounds a lot like most other so-called alternative metal bands – but that isn’t really that much of a problem, especially if you aren’t a music critic. It may not be the theory of gravity or the theory of relativity but it is one hell of a theory, one that comes highly recommended.

This is a great debut album, all nine tracks are very good and picking a favourite isn’t super easy but I think that the title track is one favourite but I think that the track called Nil is the best one – that is track VIII by the way. I must also point out that it is rather clever to name the ending track End of the Road, although it would have been even cleverer if it were the last track on their last album. With that I can conclude that ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to Blue Sky Theory, it isn’t often we hear debuts that sounds this good – don’t miss it.



Label: Rockdom Records
Three similar bands: Lithium Dawn/Malrun/Divided Multitude
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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