Universal Theory
The Most Attractive Force

1. Before Sunrise
2. Somewhere Else
3. Unfinished Desires
4. The Most Attractive Force
5. Romance I
6. Deeper Than You Know
7. Romance II
8. The Wall Of Darkness
9. Light Vein

Jesus Pinilla - Guitars, Programming, Male Vocals
Majo Martos - Female Vocals

Mystery Timeline (2013)

Beth Hart - piano on Light Vein


Released 2015-08-24
Reviewed 2015-07-27


metal hell records

The universal theory of a Spanish duo is offering up the most attractive force to follow a mystery timeline that they offered up two years ago to much critical acclaim, the most scientific writer here at Hallowed also gave it high praise. The cover of the new work is not as good as the previous work’s cover art; then again it is what is inside the cover that is the most important. What can we say about this new work then, have these two years of extra experience brought out something new and exciting from this duo?

Their music is probably best described as gothic metal, but their musical style is a lot wider than that and encompasses much from the different metallic genres. The duo are both doing the vocals, male and female vocals, and none of them are really fantastic but they work really well for this album that is very well produced. The sound is very good and the album has a lot of depth and it is quite varied over nine tracks and it is just 36 minutes long which is a great playing time for an album and leaves no possibility to grow bored with it as it is too long to want to play several time consecutively and too short to grow bored with the playing time – on top of the there is a lot of musical depth giving the album a very strong longevity.

I think this is a very good album, the previous one was good but this one is even better. All the songs are very good and their vocals does fit the songs very well and with depth and variation one can listen to this album many times without really loosing interest in the album. I think that compared with the earlier album this one is slightly better in any which way you look at it, I think that it is a logical successor to Mystery Timeline. This is the logical development for a band that is ascending as one of the more interesting and good bands of the past few years and this album cements that position.

The title track is probably my favourite of this album that contains nine really good tracks and it is an album I can recommend to anyone who likes a bit of gothic and a bit of universal theories. There are no real weaknesses on this album so I can’t really find anything to complain about this is just a very good album, plain and simple. Nothing more than that needs to be said, I think you should check it out.




Label: Metal Hell Records
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Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Review: Daniel Källmalm

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