Stereotypical Working Class
Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

01. Talkers Are Not Doers
02. Soon Enough
03. Walking over You
04. The Best That I Can
05. Song for Kepler
06. Your Own Way
07. More Than a Man
08. Perfect Frame
09. Live and Learn
10. Truth or Consequences
11. Friendly Fire
12. Something Good
13. Dead Men Walking

Martin - Vocals
Bertrand - Bass
Christophe - Guitar
Benjamin - Drums

Control (1999)
Illusions (EP 2003)
Sans Repères (2006)
Station Of Nowhere (2008)
Day After Day (2009)


Recorded/Mixed by Fabrice Boy at Hacienda Studios & Inglorious Records
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian

Released 2014-10-24
Reviewed 2015-01-09



Working class heroes from France that sees the positive sides of life, wouldn’t you say that their title Every Cloud has a Silver Lining is a commendable way to see things? I think that it is, we should all have a more positive outlook on life, and I think things would be better that way. The positive quartet has been around since the last millennium and has some albums under their belts already, but it was a while since the album before this one was released. The fans had to endure a long wait until this album and the question is which would be the silver lining of this new album? Is it the fact that they have finally released a new album or is it the very cool looking cover artwork; the latter would definitely be something of a silver lining to me.

Musically I guess we could describe it as something along the lines of the post-metal/post-hardcore genre, something like that with an atmospheric feel to it but also with tendencies towards modern American punkish rock music. In a way not so ordinary but once you get into it, it become more and more like a modern rock/metal album. Clinically produced with good sound and a good vocalist, but where is the heart and soul of the album? It feels somewhat nondescript, I would say, it lacks something that sets the band apart from most other similar bands. A band like Tool is mentioned in the press text and maybe they are a bit similar but Tool is more interesting. I also think that the 13 tracks and 55 minutes of music are on the long side as the variation isn’t enough to keep it interesting all the way through.

Not a bad album by any stretch of the imagination, just not one that you sit down and enjoy for its musical prowess. I want music to surprise and grab my attention, this doesn’t really do that it just moves from start to finish without really going anywhere in the process. It feels like background music, something for an elevator perhaps? Is it wasted potential perhaps? The answer to that is that I don’t think it is, it is what it is, they perform well in the genre that they seem to be focusing on doing and fans of this style of music who likes the similar bands or other bands in that style will probably also find this album very agreeable. I on the other hand see things in another way and my musical preference is more towards the unique than towards something that sounds like everything else. This band is too comparable with things I have heard before, and it never really caught my attention.

First track is the best one, the ones that follow are not as good and runs by without really grabbing my attention and a long while later it is all over and I am pleased that I can select another one of all those album that has been sent to me. Stereotypical Working Class is too stereotypical and too much working class for me. You might however have another opinion so don’t take my word for it but it is a very ordinary album, might be nice for very ordinary people.




Label: Klonosphere
Three similar bands: Tool/Helmet/Thrice
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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