Sailing to Nowhere
To the Unknown

1. No Dreams In My Night
2. Big Fire
3. Fallen Angel
4. Lovers On Planet Earth
5. You Won't Dare
6. Strange Dimension
7. Sailing To Nowhere
8. Sweet Rain
9. Left Outside Alone (Anastacia Cover)

Marco Palazzi - Vocals
Veronica Bultrini - Vocals
Andrea Lanzillo - Guitar
Valentina De Iuliis - Keyboards
Carlo Cruciani - Bass
Giovanni Noe' - Drums


Terence Holler
Leonardo Porcheddu
David Folchitto
Valentina De Iuliis

Recorded at Kick Recording Studio in Rome, Italy, with Matteo Gabbianelli and Marco Cinghio Mastrobuono

Released 2015-10-16
Reviewed 2015-12-19

bakerteam records

Why name your band Sailing to Nowhere? It sounds like they are without direction and their debut album is called To the Unknown which just adds to the sense of confusion within this Italian band. The album cover looks pretty interesting, I would even say exciting and dramatic. So, are they sailing to nowhere? Into the unknown? Or does it seem like there is some direction in the music of Sailing to Nowhere? Lets find out.

Musically they are not breaking any new ground, stylistically they are power metal in the typical vain of the genre. They have two vocalists, one guy and a female that is not the typical operatic female voice but more of a normal female rock vocalist. I think one thing that one can really remark about is that the vocalists lack authority; they feel a little weak in my opinion. Maybe this is down to lack of experience because they sound a little on the weak side on the power side, I think that it is fair to say that their musical direction seems to be sailing to nowhere. Not overly much variation over the tracks as well but they keep the playing time sensible which is good.

And the album is not too shabby either; I wouldn’t describe it as good but pretty okay. The main weakness they have is that the vocalists lack power in their voices and that is something their songs would really need. They could use a better production and song writing that made better use of what they have available. All things that probably could be addressed with some more experience. It would be too much to say that this is a promising debut but the band certainly does show some promise. They do not make fool of themselves, the album is okay but I don’t think it will make too many people sing their praises.

The problem of this album is well illustrated in my favourite song of the album, Left Outside Alone that is an Anastacia song in original. The female vocalist just does not have the same power and authority as Anastacia and the song therefore falls a little bit flat and in the end you feel it lacks power on the vocal side, like the album overall – I think Anastacia would have been a great vocalist for this band, she has a powerful voice. In the end I can only describe this as an album that doesn’t quite reach all the way – an album that I would have no problem having left outside alone.



Label: Bakerteam Records
Three similar bands: Kaledon/Avantasia/
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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