1. Orchestrating the Cacaphony
2. Cemetary Dreams
3. As the Blood Flows
4. Dragged Below
5. The Ones Who Hide and Wait
6. Asylum of the Rotting
7. Worm Infested
8. Skeletonized
9. Meathymns

Roger "Rogga" Johansson - lead vocals, guitars, bass guitar
Andreas Karlsson - lead guitar
Brynjar Helgetun - drums

Bolted to the Cross (2004)
Congregating the Sick (2005)
Vicar Mortis (EP 2006)
The Monolith (EP 2007)
Machetazo / Ribspreader (Split 2007)
Opus Ribcage MMVI (2009)
The Van Murders (2011)
Kult of the Pneumatic Killrod (and a Collection of Ribs) (2012)


Produced by Ronnie Bjornstom
Cover art by Turka Rantanen

Released 2013-02-28
Reviewed 2014-02-06

vic records

Ribspreader, doesn’t sound too exciting, does it? Well, to me it doesn’t as I like my music less bloody so to speak less like in the operating room. It is the sixth album by these guys, the half dozen mark doesn’t look too exciting with a cover art that looks quite awful. Sure it is what is inside the cover that is important so what about this sixth album that comes ten years after the debut?

Old-school death metal, nothing fresh or new when it comes to style. They do what they and others have done many times before, and they do what they do well. The sound fairly melodic, the production is of a high quality and there isn’t really anything you can point to that is wrong with the album. Well, one thing: the vocals are not that brilliant. They are quite average for the genre which isn’t that amazing if I am honest. But they keep it short and to the point, nine tracks of no-nonsense death metal. And they only play for 32 minutes which is just about right for an album of this genre.

So, it should be quite good then you imagine. And you imagine correctly as it is quite good the sound is rich and powerful and the songs are listenable. There is a but though. But the album is just too familiar, I have heard it all before many times and when you are presented with hundreds of new albums every year for over ten years running, you tend to get a bit turned off by those albums that doesn’t have anything new and fresh to show or does something amazingly good and these guys does neither of those.

Still, do not dismiss them because of me saying that, fans of a genre often disagree with what I say so if you confess yourself as a death metal fanatic you will probably find this album very agreeable. I must also add that I think this album ends in a very impressive way, the ending song is the best part and I think with such an ending it leaves off on a high note. Unfortunately the rest of the album just isn’t up to it so in the end it is a half decent album which leaves me with no real lasting impression.




Label: Vic Records
Three similar bands: Paganizer/Revolting/Bloodbath
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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