The Rockford Heroes
Edge of the Silverthorn

Label: Montroxx Records
Three similar bands:
REO Speedwagon/Styx/VII Gates
Rating: HHHHHHH (6/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. No reason to believe
02. The day of return
03. Forever
04. And then there was temptation
05. Gold encircles the altar
06. Capricious arrows
07. A split second goodbye
08. The fools realm

Jonas Arvidsson – Guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Dan Hultstrand – Vocals, backing vocals
Marcus Johansson – Drums
Erik Carlsson – Bass

Light Scares (EP 2011)
The White EP (2012)


Track 1, 4, 5, 6 and 8, music and lyrics by Jonas Arvidsson
Track 2, 3 and 7, music and lyrics by Dan Hultstrand
Record, produced, mixed and mastered in Montroxx Studios during autumn 2012 by Jonas Arvidsson and Magica

Released 2013-02-14
Reviewed 2013-02-23


The heroes of the good old Jim Rockford are back again, surprisingly enough they return with an album which is one of eight tracks that in difference to its preceding EP has a black album cover. Possibly they also took to what I had written in the previous review since the cover art is much better this time. A thing I feel hasn’t changed though is the press info which looks more or less the same (if I recall correctly) as the previous one with some info and some fun anecdotes like Jonas being involved in a wildlife accident involving a spider, that is a strange one but I guess he survived just like I did in a similar accident with a moose. They are a bit bigger than spiders I think, anyway enough chitchat about accidents and animals now, what does this Edge of the Silverthorne offer a seasoned reviewer like myself?

It offers a sense of familiarity with a sense of freshness, melodic rock/hardrock with a bit of an edge but also with very strong melodies. The choruses and melodies are very catchy and feels classical, the production is excellent and there is nothing to complain about when looking at the sound of this eight track 37 minute album. The singer has a classical melodic rock voice, I did compare him to a Tommy Shaw without the lisp in an earlier review and that is something I am very proud of because it is funny (not really but it could have been). I think that the singer is great and I think that this album is a real high quality product that you can get for free at the band’s website or you can listen to it through youtube here in this review if you like, come back and visit often so we get many hits (or don’t, I don’t really care about hits).

When I first heard this album I was driving in my little racing car for the road and what struck me was that I thought that the first track No Reason To Believe was very disappointing the first time I heard it, luckily the ipod goes on repeat in the car stereo so I got to hear it again some half an hour later in that same journey and I liked it much better then. The fact is that this track is one of my favourites on this album with its catchy melodies and great chorus, it is a striking track I would say. And all the tracks on the album are really good, none of them can be said to be disappointing.

If I am to point out anything negative about this album is that it isn’t absolutely perfect, but that isn’t much of a complaint, is it? In fact I have nothing to complain about when it comes to this album, it even has the perfect playing time meaning you can play through the entire album while making the dinner something that isn’t the case with all albums (I know I make pathetic dinners but that is none of your business). I also think that other than the food aspect this album offers a group of hit tracks well worthy of a mention like Gold Encircles the Altar and the ending duo A Split Second Goodbye and The Fools Realm, those are hits that any fan of good music should enjoy.

When the heroes finally make their long awaited album they do it in style with a brilliant offering that should suit any serious musical fan, a great show of force that is both familiar and fresh in one package. That is not a small feat I would say but then again I might be a bit of a fan of this band, their music is great so I don’t see why anyone shouldn’t be. Yeah sure I admit to being a fanatic of this great band maybe because mr Rockford seems like a funny guy or maybe because this album is a hell of a good one, either way you have to get it and I can assure you that it is well worth the price you pay for it.



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