Mechanical God Creation
Artifact of Annihilation

1. Pyramidion
2. Artifact of Annihilation
3. Illusions
4. Cult of the Machines
5. Shadow's Falling
6. Lullaby for the Modern Age
7. Terror in the Air
8. Nomos of the Earth
9. Woe of the Spiraled Desire
10. Ocean of Time
11. Obisidian Nightfall

Lucy - Vocals
Manuel - Drums
Davide - Guitar
Veon - Bass
Ale - Guitar

Cell XIII (2010)


Recorded at Math Lab and AlphaOmega Studio
Mixed and mastered in Canada, at Garage Studio by Chris Donaldson

Released 2013-01-20
Reviewed 2013-03-16



When reviewing italian band Mechanical God Creation’s second album I have to watch what I write as they accused me of being both rude and offensive last time I wrote a review of something from this label. Neither will I consult wikipedia because that is no good, so let us now see if I can write without being rude. Artifact of Annihilation is the title of this band’s second album and it has a pretty cool looking album cover which makes me think of grande epic stories like Dark City or something like that. It looks exciting on that front and I have managed (without using wikipedia) to find out that their music is often referred to as deathcore and that two of the members recording this album has left the band and been replaced by two new members. I think that is enough chit chat now, let us restrain the specimen.

It is modern melodic death metal, maybe deathcore if you like, as there are some hardcore and some industrial elements in their sound. They are fronted by a girl who sounds like she has a lot more testosterone in her body than I have, I cannot sound that evil but then again why would I want to? Some would probably say that she has a lot of balls but I say that she is quite good at what she is doing and if you prefer some namedropping, how does Angels from Arch Enemy sound? that is the comparison. They have a very good soundscape that definitely rivals the best in the genre and overall I would say that it is a high quality production this album and in the 42 minutes it plays for you can find most ingredients for a strong album.

And it is a strong album I would say, the songs are generally good and varied enough for the album to last for 42 minutes and eleven tracks. However, the album has a problem in the fact that it is a bit generic, meaning that it sounds a bit too much like a lot of other bands in the same genre. I think they could have been more interesting had the used the fact that they have a female vocalist to their advantage, females has a different vocal range than the testosterone laden men that usually sings in the genre and that could have been used to create a unique sound. Now however, she sounds mostly like any other evil and gruffy singer in the genre which is a bit sad.

If you like this genre I think you might enjoy this album, it has some great melodies, some ballsy singing, some aggressive sounds and an evil music video which you can see below. The album is good in most regards and it has no real weak points, but neither has it any strong highlights which makes the album a bit uniform and albums that are uniform, are rarely those you think of when you are looking to summarise which albums have impressed you most in a year, or month, or week. But these guys have a certain something and I like their album but I think I could have liked it a lot more had they done what I mentioned in the earlier paragraph, but now they don’t which makes this album end up along with all those good albums that you like to play for a while before placing them in that pile of good albums you never play again.

I think that this album will suit the fans of the modern melodic death metal or deathcore because it does what highly regarded bands in the genre often do and they do it quite well. This means that what we have here is a rather good album that will be well worth a closer look if you like the genre, now I only hope I wrote all of this without being rude.



Label: Wormholedeath/Aural Music
Three similar bands: Art of Mutilation/Arch Enemy/Kittie
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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