Divided Multitude
Feed on Your Misery

1. Esperanto
2. Feed On Your Misery
3. What I See
4. Scars
5. The World Is Watching
6. Crimson Sunset
7. 2 4 7
8. Vicious By Heart
9. Seconds
10. Transparent
11. Reborn

Sindre Antonsen – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Christer Harøy – Lead Guitar
Rayner Harøy - Bass
Olav Skei – Drums
Eskild Kløften - Keyboards

Inner Self (1999)
Divided Multitude (2001)
Falling to Pieces (2003)
Guardian Angel (2010)

Background vocals by Eskil Kløften
Terje Harøj, Wenche Hellem and Jacob Hansen - add. Background vocals
Add. Lead vocals on What I See by Terje Harøy
Siv Lena Laugtug Sæther - violin

Produced by Divided Multiude and Jacob Hansen
All songs arranged by Divided Multitude
Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Hansen
Cover art and design by Per Spjøtvold
Photos by Eric Paulsen

Released 2013-04-19
Reviewed 2013-05-31

nightmare records

I got to know Divided Multitude in 2010 with their latest album Guardian Angel which I found really good but the band lost out a bit due to delusions of grandeur which proved itself in the too long playing time of the album. I got bored towards the end, despite the music being good. This is their fourth album and it has a really interesting and good looking cover artwork, it sort of alludes to brilliance. Brilliance is something said about many of the bands these guys are compared to, but comparing is one thing and actually trying to put the finger on the quality of the band is another. What I hope for this new band from this norwegian quintet is that they are a bit older and a bit wiser so that they do not go on forever again.

The production is quite brilliant on this album, the soundscape is as good as they get. The music is powerful progressive metal, complex yet easily accessible. Meaning that the album is easy to take in yet it has the longevity to be played many times without you growing bored with it. The eleven tracks are fairly varied yet very coherent in this strong soundscape. The singer is very good, sounding a bit like a certain german fellow sining for a band called Edguy. I think you hear that the band has grown since the last time, and this despite them being a very experienced band already. I think you can call it an impressive production, complex yet not overly complicated I suppose you can describe it.

Many times better than the predecessor and really an excellent album. In fact it is one of the best I have heard this far this year. Not that it is such an amazing thing as the year has been quite bland but this is definitely a highlight, a bright shining light in a darkish music year. It is impressive, both how they manage to make the complexity simple and easy to take in for anyone and how they remain interesting despite several plays. And not a song that feels lesser or weaker than the rest of the album. An impressive collection of songs, songs that inspire and songs that impress.

I think that this is a great album and if I were to count all the good songs I would have to name them all, which would be somewhat pointless but tracks like Scars, the title track, 24/7, What I See and more are signs of greatness and really impressive. I can easily recommend this album to anyone as I believe no one can just dismiss an album as good as this one. It has everything you want from an album and is quite close to perfection, not many albums reach perfection and neither does this one but it is still an album that has everything. I love it.

What else needs to be said, let us just feed on the band’s misery and enjoy it. Lets listen and get a smile on our faces, I think we can easily state that this album belongs amongst the top performers of 2013 and it belongs in anyone’s collection. So, the divided multitude finally shows from its best side, I think Feed on Your Misery is a brilliant piece of music and well worth to have a look at. Impressive!



Label: Fireball Records/Nightmare Records
Three similar bands: Pagan's Mind/Dream Theater/Vanden Plas
Rating: HHHHHHH (6/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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