Label: Bastardized Recordings/Massacre Promotion
Three similar bands: Heaven Shall Burn/Caliban/A Sailor's Grave
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. My Inner Wasteland
2. Aversion
3. One Man Unity
4. Not Like You
5. Mastaffe
6. Back 2 The Past
7. Fall As One
8. Gott Aus Dem Viereck
9. Urin

Daniel - Vocals
Ralph - Guitars
Lutz - Guitars
Marc - Bass
Gunnar - Drums

Be Beast Enough to Stand This Hate (2008)
Rotten Leaders (2011)


Recorded at Noiseschmiede with Sascha Hoffmann
Artwork: Glashaus Design – Peter Hoffmann

Released 2013-05-17
Reviewed 2013-07-30


These german’s third album is an alphakiller, maybe it is that monkey father with two guns who is that killer. Maybe he isn’t. One thing this cover art begs to question is why a monkey needs two guns, isn’t one enough? But the truth is that I feel a bit sorry for Bastardized with their hardcore stuff, it seems I never like it. Sometimes I wish I had anyone to give all these hardcore and metalcore releases to, someone more into that kind of music. But we have not and the albums come to me so this Alphakiller has to be reviewed by me or not at all. The question is if this is the one good Bastardized album that I have been waiting for.

I listen to this album and I hear something sounding like a fairly typical hardcore album, somewhat more melodic and the vocals are better articulated than what is usually the case. There is hard aggression and frustration coming through there, but with a touch of melodicity but not much for those who worry about a soft hardcore band. The album is short and to the point, no nonsense and no chitchatting just aggressive hardcore or metalcore if you like. Not very varied but there are some points that are slightly different from the rest of the genre. I have to say though that I am not that impressed.

This album is not that amazing, fortunately it is less than 40 minutes long. But that is actually not the only highlight, they also quote John Lennon’s Imagine in a nice way as well as end the album on a high note making it an almost approved album, but please note how I say almost because it is still an overall dull album.

Hardcore as it usually is, so if you like hardcore you might find this an agreeable album and if you don’t there isn’t that much to satisfy your thirst for great music. Alphakiller is a half decent album but if you aren’t into hardcore you will most likely not find it very intriguing and you’d better forego it. So it might be something for the fanatic of the genre but as I am not one of those I can’t say for sure. Not my favourite album of the year if we say so, quite boring actually.



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