The Rockford Heroes
The White EP

01. Gold encircles the altar
02. Capricious arrows
03. A split second goodbye
04. The fools realm

Jonas Arvidsson – Guitars
Dan Hultstrand – Vocals
Marcus Johansson – Drums
Andreas Lundgren – Bass

Light Scares (EP 2011)


Music and lyrics by Jonas Arvidsson, except track 3 by Dan Hultstrand
Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in Montroxx Studios, spring 2012 by Jonas Arvidsson

Released 26/7-2012
Reviewed 1/8-2012


Where are and who are The Rockford Heroes?
This question I asked myself in the ending paragraph of my review of the debut EP by this band, it felt like their inspirations took the overhand and their music ended up sounding too much like their sources of inspirations like Styx or similar. Now you can always argue that sounding a bit like Styx of the late seventies is a great thing, and sure you can have worse inspirations like Styx of today for instance but as a reviewer I am always looking for a band and their own identity and this was something I found lacking in the debut called Light Scares. This time though they do a Beatles in making a White EP, sounds interesting albeit the cover artwork looks about as dreadful as the one on the first EP. Maybe the music is better though.

Musically it is slightly different from the debut EP, this time it is heavier which is well illustrated in the opening track but the overall feel is that this EP is heavier than the first. It is still very melodic though and the music still feels rooted in the melodic rock style of music but this time it ventures in a more metallic direction and it feels a bit like modern power metal mixed with melodic rock music. The vocals are also more powerful, more in the vain of power metal than a Tommy Shaw without a lisp. Their style this time also feels a bit like something of their own, I don’t think in terms of where they have drawn their inspirations over the quality of the songs. The sound is also a bit more modern and fresh than it was on Light Scares and in a way I think that you can describe it like it is slightly better than Light Scares in every respect. It feels like they have evolved quite a bit in the short time since the debut.

I must admit that I have been looking forward to this EP quite a bit, actually I think ever since I heard the first one and then exchanged some questions with Rockford himself I have been looking forward to this little almost 18 minute EP with four tracks. And I would say that this is in the direction I was hoping for, better than the first EP but also one that feels more like a band with an own identity. I think this more powerful yet very melodic sound suits this band really well and if they use this as a baseline they will be able to make something very special for their next release. I would say that this Free EP is well worth the money you pay for it, I recommend that you give the band a little financial contribution if you like this little EP, then they might be able to work faster and do something about their covers artworks. The logo is good though, as is the music on this EP.

Best of the quartet of songs is the opening one, which I find the most exciting and adventurous on the EP. However, the other three tracks are really fascinating and good as well so there is nothing on this EP that feels uninteresting or something like that it is a good EP through and through. This is really a step I was hoping that they would make following the debut EP, now what is missing is a proper album with songs in this kind of style, that would be great. Sure the band says that they won’t but you can still hope, can’t you?

So, this EP is better than the debut and better than much of what is coming out in terms of music today. It is something well worthy of your attention no matter which kind of rock music you are into, it is good no matter the preference. And there is no excuse for not looking up this EP, just get it from their website for free, so you see you have no excuse for not having a closer look at this great four track EP.



Label: Self released
Three similar bands: REO Speedwagon/Styx/Led Zeppelin
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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