Ten Second Epic
Better Off

1. Young Classics
2. Sanctuary
3. Runaway
4. Better Off
5. Don't
6. Eastbound
7. Animal Choices
8. After Hours
9. Giving Up
10. Northstar

Andrew Usenik – vocals
Daniel Carriere – guitar
Craig Spelliscy – guitar
Sandy MacKinnon – bass guitar
Patrick Birtles – drums

Count Yourself In (2006)
Hometown (2009)


Produced By: Dave Genn

Released 20/9-2011
Reviewed 28/1-2012


Canadian band Ten Second Epic are back with their third album, one with a completely worthless and boring album cover art. And like that wasn’t enough, they are on tour with dull and identity derived band The Dangerous Summer, I think signs could be better than that. Still, it is the music of this canadian quintet rather then who they join on tour and how their cover artwork looks. Never shall you judge a book by its cover, so what about the music of these guys then? Are they anything to be interested in, they have been nominated for awards according to wikipedia which is known for its reliability as a source. But now lets look at what we get rather than babbling about stuff that is not really very relevant.

I think this stuff is called Emo by many, also alternative rock which feels like a bad term as it is not really alternative today. Simple and fast paced rock music with an ordinary guy as a singer is how it often sound in this genre and that is more or less exactly how Ten Second Epic sound as well. They are kind of poppy and radio friendly in their approach so I am sure they will work well alongside whatever is popular on your radio stations without anyone taking notice or offence. The production and sound is also rather typical of the genre, clean and well produced giving a sound that is typical of the genre. Not much in the music that can be said to really stand out for Ten Second Epic, they have despite the name nothing that sounds epic. The album is short and to the point with ten tracks and almost 37 minutes of playing time.

The reviews have been mixed for this album from really poor to good and average and poor, much like how it was to start listening to this album. It sucked badly the first time, was alright the second and after time it has taken a stance as an identity derived and boring album which feels more like a waste of time than real music. It is music made for the masses of non-thinkers; music in the vain of Lady Gaga, pointless and with no soul. I am sure it will sell a lot with the right marketing as it is radio friendly and completely non-offensive in approach, it feels made to suit everyone as it has nothing for anyone. I think boring is a term that fits well, it sound just about like every other boring “alternative” band. The term “alternative” is by the way completely dumb for this genre these days as there is nothing alternative about it, this kind of music is sort of a norm for modern rock music.

I said yesterday that I found nothing of The Rockford Heroes in their music but at least they had the decency to plagiarise a genre that had soul and identity, something that Ten Second Epic did not, they plagiarised a genre without soul. A style of music that should be sent to the hollows where nuclear waste is stored, cemented in a radioactive room for all eternity would be the best fate for the so called “alternative” rock genre of today.

I do think however, that this album will go down well with all the soulless drones that are called humans today, it is not offensive and it has nothing and that is what humanity is all about. But honestly, it is pure and utter garbage this album and I would call it a reviewers nightmare, think of suffering through something without identity and soul for ten or so times, it is a bit of torture.
Ten Second Epic is hardly Epic on any account, not even for ten seconds. It is just a fucking piece of garbage.



Label: Hassle/Sound Pollution
Tre liknande band: Kids in Glass Houses/Billy Talent/You Me at Six
Betyg: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm

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