The Inherited Repression

01. Carriers Of The Plague
02. Forward To Submission
03. Euphorinasia
04. The Throne Of Kings
05. Unmasking The Traitors
06. Become The Cult
07. From Scribe To Ashes
08. Deprivation
09. The Sleepers Have Awoken

Jason Peppiatt - vocals
Joe Haley - guitar
David Haley - drums
Cameron Grant - bass

The Isle of Disenchantment (2001)
The Scepter of the Ancients (2003)
Symbols of Failure (2006)
Ob(Servant) (2008)


Produced, engineered and mixed by Haley, Mastered by Alan Douche

Released 10/2-2012
Reviewed 21/2-2012

nuclear blast

In this review I am going all in for trusting the technical side of writing, I leave all to the spelling program so if anything goes wrong, blame apple (I am sure though that it will be better in british than in Swedish as the Swedish spelling by apple stinks big time).

So, technical death metal by a band from Tasmania, that is what we are given with No Guess Found and their fifth studio album. An album which all around has received good reviews and that is despite the logo looking retarded and the logo looks terrible. But as they are from the land down under it tends to become something interesting and exotic anyway. And technical death metal with some clever riffing and intricate melodies in a world of heaviness is something that is always exciting, don’t you think? Well I do and don’t really care what you think.

Musically it is what I said with intricate technically riffing based in some death metallic base. The soundscape is really well produced, the sound is great, it is heavy yet it brings out the technical riffs and melodies and all elements of the music is clearly audible for the listener. It also feels as though the guys in the band are quite skilled with their instruments as the melodies are rather technical all the way through the album that has nine tracks and plays for just over 40 minutes. It should also be noted that this album doesn’t contain the biggest of variations over these 40 minutes and that the spelling program is quite alright in british, only one mistake so far.

The first track is really good and it sets up a good tone for the album with some cool guitar works and technicalities that challenge me as a listener and I am up for a really interesting journey through some exciting music. Or so I thought. Because already in the second track these interesting and exciting things from the first track starts to feel repetitive and as the album moves further into itself it becomes even more difficult as the tracks starts to melt together into some sort of puddle of slow flowing semi-liquid that is completely No Guess Found.

So what to think of this piece of work then? On one hand it has all you could want with being different from what is generally the case of the genre, clever ideas and decent melodic work. But on the other hand there is really no variation at all, the vocalist is not particularly interesting and the cover art is pretty ugly as well. Well I think the lack of variation is one big turnoff that cannot really be overlooked as it overshadows all other aspects of this album and that I think is quite unfortunate as it is in its foundation a good idea and a seed of a good album that just didn’t get enough nourishment to really blossom.

Therefore I can conclude two things: firstly if you trust technology and Apple it is much better to be speaking english than swedish and secondly if you want to do technical music it has to have something more than just the technical otherwise it falls quite flat in the end. So a decent album and probably much more to your liking if you are more snowed in on the extreme metal than I am, but for me the lack of variation is just too much.




Label: Nuclear Blast/Warner
Three similar bands: Fear Factory/Meshuggah/Spawn of Possession
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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