The Cleansing
Feeding the Inevitable

1. The Prometian Promise
2. Third Eye Staring
3. Your Flesh, Your Curse
4. A Cheating Progression
5. Hour of Decadence
6. Processed for Contamination
7. Law of Reciprocity
8. Two Days
9. Crossroads

Toke Eld: Vocals
Jeppe Hasseriis: Guitar
Andreas Lynge: Guitar
Mads Haarløv: Bass
Morten Løwe Sørensen: Drums

Poisoned Legacy (2009)

Martin Leth Andersen - vocals

Recorded at CB Studios, Earplug Studios and The Crypt, 2010
Mixed at CB Studios by Christian Bonde and The Cleansing
Mastered at Cutting Room Studios by Björn Engelmann
All music by Hasseriis / Lynge
Lyrics by Eld
Leads by Lynge
Layout by Hasseriis
Illustrations by Remy C / Headsplit Design
Photos by Pia Ry /

Released 2011-05-23
Reviewed 2011-08-02


The Cleansing from our southern neighbours who speak like they are swedes who have the mouth full of porridge they cannot quite swallow, I speak of course of Denmark who are well known for their great filmmaking skills. I am not that familiar with Danish bands but all of the three similar are bands where the members of this band has been active and bands I have never heard. I also know Illdisposed who actually are quite alright, and some other bands as well, but I cannot think of any danish band that has really made a big impact, but I may not be informed enough for that.

The Cleansing are speakers of the extreme metal sub genre and even more so the death metal one. Some say that they take inspiration from the floridian kind (whatever that is), others that they sound american (I say that), all I can say for sure is that they do play death metal which has a rather slow feel to it in that the songs are slowly growled out of the singer, almost in the same way as the subwoofer of Illdisposed but that is the only similarity with those countrymen. I have read though that speed is the game for the band, which I do not concur with one bit, but maybe the music of this band is considered speedy for the genre, what do I know, my ever increasing knowledge of extreme metal still feels inadequate to compare in a good way. The production at the meantime does feel modern and actually it feels quite polished allowing the very few melodic parts to stand out a bit. At the same time this production makes the album feel a bit softer than some other bands of the genre. Feeding the Inevitable which is the name of the album that is the second of the band has nine tracks and it will require you to listen for almost forty minutes if you desire to hear everything on it.

The Cleansing cannot be said to fall within my taste in music, their slowish death metal just doesn’t do it for me. I find music like this often being tiring and rather dull and it never feels particularly heavy of menacing or terrifying or whatever the purpose for the sound was thought to be. I do however find some of the melodic parts in the track Processed for Creation being really good, particularly when the vocalist shuts his mouth. I think the combination of quite unheavy music along with growling vocals is the main let down when it comes to my opinion, I believe this would have worked rather well with a power metal singer or something in that same general area of vocal style.

The Cleansing however do feel quite good for their genre, as much I have been able to figure out and the reviews I have looked up around the web seem to support this assumption which makes this an album I don’t like particularly much but still might appeal to fans of the genre. So if you like the american style death metal over the more melodic Gothenburg sound I think it may be worth to check this band out. I on the other hand will move on to something else and probably not look back.

A fun fact for you, discounting this paragraph this review consist of 555 words.



Label: Deepsend Records
Three similar bands: Usipian/Submission/Corpus Mortalis
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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