Radio Dead Ones

1. Intro
2. Sensual Seduction
3. Emerging Market
4. Too Selective
5. Cigars + Rum
6. Angelina
7. Dirty Love Hotel
8. Into The Sun
9. Fuck Em All
10.Mary Me Or Bury Me
11. Not Here
12. RDO 2 (BRÄMF)
13. Smoking
14. You Don't Make Me Feel Anything
15. Outro

Beverly Crime - vocals
Rik Oldman - guitar
Ändru Bourbon - bass
TV Mörk – drums

Out Of Tune (EP 2005)
Holy Ghost (EP 2005)
Frontkick / Radio Dead Ones/ Funeral March (Split 2006)
Killers & Clowns (12” 2006)
Radio Dead Ones / Funeral march (Split 2007)
Radio Dead Ones / Loyalties (Split 2007)
Radio Dead Ones” (2008)
Gambian Bumsters (EP 2009)
Berlin City (EP 2010)


Producing all their stuff just on their own at RDO DRINKING ROOM

Released 18/4-2011
Reviewed 15/5-2011


You are entering the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location. The kind of place where there might be a monster, or some kind of weird mirror. These are just examples; it could also be something much better. But is this, the second full length album from German Radio Dead Ones, better than that? Well, prepare to enter... the scary door.

Please send the man 'round back and pick up Beverly Crime. A tenor singer who's about to have an unfortunate accident. He’s about to swallow bucket of grey paint, The paint makes his voice hoarse and rubbish to sing tenor pitch notes with and because of this he quits his career as tenor singer and starts to sing punk rock instead. He and his mates release a lot of EPs and split-albums before coming to this, the first album to reach outside their native countries inner circles.

But seriously... This band is very thorough to point out their East German heritage, despite the fact they had barely started school when the wall fell and the iron curtain dropped to free Germany. Sure, I’m not the one to say that the members of the band couldn't be scarred from the experience but as far as I can’t hear there aren’t many things suggesting their suppressed background on this album (since I haven’t heard what the band has done before I can’t say that it’s always been this way or not). To me, this whole shenanigan is just an act they put on display and press up in to everyone's face to say how fucking punk rock they are, like to shout “we were born in the fucking USSR!” to everyone around them (either that or they sing “booorn in the U SS R”).

I think Radio Dead Ones sounds like punk rock usually do. The music is simple, clanky and down to earth. The melodies too are simple, clanky and down to earth. But the production, however, is very simple, clank... yeah, you get it. Punk rock as punk rock usually sound. It’s fair to say I’m no expert on the genre, but to me this feels like something more than the every day punk rock band you’ll bump in to. They have some sort of identity in the music. Melodies and instruments are handled decently and the sound is somewhat shouty and this is further enhanced by the Larsen effect they have in some of the songs. But they also have some more “sophisticated” songs that sound quite OK in the production and tone down the whole “abandoned factory sound” they use on most of the album. My overall impression, though, is that the album is a bit scrappy. There are some tendencies of radio friendly songs in track like Emerging Market and Angelina but most of the album is shouty teenagers, torturing their instruments in different ways.

In Dirty Love Hotel there’s a female vocalist but I have no clue of who this is. The most probable is that it’s a street walker that someone in the band spent half an hour with in a filthy motel and thought this was an experience to write a song about. So, they sought the hooker up and sung the song together... or something like that. Probably not, but who knows with these punk rockers?
Music-wise, this isn’t the greatest album in the world, but I still think there is something with this band that makes them interesting. Perhaps not the scrap yard patched together style they use when playing. It’s like they haven’t stuck with anything - or perhaps they’ve stuck with everything - over the years playing together and this makes this album more schizophrenic than The Twilight Zone (or the year 3000 remake The Scary Door that was quoted in the beginning).

To describe it in one sentence I’d say the album reminds me alot of a yellow dinosaur that tries to eat grass with false teeth made from kudu horns that a lion has bitten to the right sizes while listening to The Ramones. Completely surrealistic and freaked out.


Label - SPV/Playground
Tre liknande band - No Use For A Name/Bad Religion/The Ramones
Recensent: Caj Källmalm