Nasty Tendency
Hello Suckers

1. Stay Heavy
2. Jailbreaker
3. Rocket Woman
4. Love Is Over
5. Gimme The Nite
6. SwitchBlade Serenade
7. Burn Baby Burn
8. Metal Strikes Again
9. Play Ot Loud
10. One More Round
11. Dead On Arrival

Mark “Ash” Bonavita – Vocals
Johnny “Vodka” Curly – Guitars
Mise – Drums
Lehmann – Bass
Luke “Nasty Kid” – Guitar

Wild and Nasty (2009)


Recorded at Convolution Studios at Bagnacavallo (Ravenna), mixed and mastered by Mr.Pape in Rome.

Released 10/2-2011
Reviewed 22/6-2011


I wonder what the nasty tendency the name implies might be, maybe it is the way they make music or maybe it is something else. And the title, Hello Suckers, I wonder wether it is directed to the ones buying this album or their parents, maybe neither. Hello Suckers is the second album of these italians said to be inspired by the likes of Accept or Mötley Crüe, some might even say that they would like to be any of these bands.

It is traditional hardrock/metal in line with what the idols did, it is plain and simple with no fancy tricks or anything even though there is a slight melodic undertone in their music. Main things though is about the rawness, the energy and the classic rock ‘n’ roll. The production is geared towards enhancing this raw feel and this energy which is exactly what it does, you get the feeling of being back in the late seventies or early eighties, the grand days of Accept and some other similar bands from that era.

The thing with this band is that they do not seem interested in doing their own take on an already established genre but much rather want to be just like their idols, this is something that is detrimental to the overall feel of their music. I think this album unfortunately lacks direction, it is not getting anywhere and just remains stuck in one place. Musically it is alright, the songs are all decent or even good and they are when played one at the time nice to listen to. This unfortunately does not apply when I look to the entire album though as the similitude of it makes it a bit tough and tiring to listen to.

I think the track called Jailbreaker is a rather good track and also Switchblade Serenades is quite alright but in fairness they all sound pretty much alike and I suspect that it might be the placement of the tracks in the tracklist that give this feel and not the songs themselves. I am not suggesting that this album is bad in any way but as it lacks direction it gets rather dull towards the end of it. I must also say that the vocalist does a great job hiding his italian accent and does not sound as bad and stupid as some italian singers does when they cannot hide their accent, fortunately this guy sounds alright. Unfortunately he does not really has the music to back him up completely.

There is also another problem with this band, I think the lack of identity is a bit hurtful as they will have trouble being noticed within a genre of lots of bands. Many of them are already established names since long ago which will make it extra hard for this band to compete as they have not really made themselves a name yet and neither do they have the uniqueness to stand out. This album also has this problem in that it is not varied enough, had it been that it would probably have been quite alright but now it just approved.

So, as I said, not bad but not really good either. The songs are okay and if their music is played in the background it works well, being an active listener though I do not get that much out of this album and find myself thinking every time that it is too long and it lacks variation.

Approved, just. These italians make a decent album but they do not have enough variation to make it good and neither do they have much individuality to show for it. Still, I think that if you like Accept, Twisted Sister, Mötley Crüe or any of the bands like them you will probably find this alright as well, but if you as I think that the genre is already saturated it does not feel as interesting. Approved, just.


Label: Spider Rock Promotion
Three similar bands: Accept/Twisted Sister/Lizzy Borden
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
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