Dark Tranquility
Damage Done

1. Final Resistance  
2. Hours Passed in Exile  
3. Monochromatic Stains
4. Single Part of Two  
5. The Treason Wall  
6. Format C: For Cortex  
7. Damage Done 
8. Cathode Ray Sunshine
9. The Enemy
10. I, Deception
11. White Noise / Black Silence 
12. Ex Nihilo (Instrumental)

Mikael Stanne (Vocals)
Niklas Sundin (Guitar, Art & design)
Martin Henriksson (Guitar)
Michael Nicklasson (Bass)
Anders Jivarp (Drum)
Martin Brändström (Kb & electronics)

Skydancer (1993)
The Gallery (1995)
The Mind's I (1997)
Projector (1998)
Haven (2000)
Damage Done (2002)
Character (2005)
Fiction (2007)
We Are the Void (2010)


Fredrik Nordström (prod. & Audio eng.)
Patrik J. Sten (Audio engineering)
Göran Finnberg (master)
Achilleas Gatsopoulos (Video)
Cabin Fever Media (Co-Art direction & design)

Released 22/7-2002
Reviewed 6/2-2011

century media

This is a reworked version of a review from our archives, reat the original version here.

There's a person with his head cut off on the cover to 'Damage Done', Dark Tranquillitys sixt album since the start back in 1989. It's definitely motivated to talk about damage done if you've choped the head off someone. It's hardly possible to correct a thing like that... if it would happend.

I love Dark Tranquillity, it's one of my favourite bands and if I were to choose a favourite Swedish band, I'd say it would be slaughter. They are totaly superior on what they do and the last two albums, which I've reviewed, has been awarded with six and seven points out of seven. 'Damage Done' was released before these and was actually the first album I bought by the Gothenburghes. The fact is that it's actually one of the first death metal albums I bought. Ever.

'Damage Done' doesn't have as much electronics as 'Projector' and 'Haven', yet it still is quite alot of it. Their strongest weapon is their phenomenal melodies which has become better than ever on this album. Earlier their songs have been a bit dubious in the transmissions and other parts, but here Dark Tranquillity really have got it absolutely right. The best of the songs is Monochromatic Stains, The Treason Wall and the title track. And also the instrumental finish Ex Nihilo and the introducing Final Resistance leaves strong impressions. The fact is that all songs are really good and there's not a single bad song on this album, they've succeded with all of them. Normally albums often have at least one song you can have doubts about, but 'Damage Done' is complete with only bonus highs.

The melodic death metal Dark Tranquillity partly lay the foundation to in the early 90's along with bands like In Flames and At the Gates has only become better and better all along. On 'Damage Done' all the songs actually are very aggressive and hard if you listen beneath the polished surface, but the fact is that this crystal clear sound hides how aggressive and angry this music actually is, making it seem more civilized than it actually is. Stanne gurgle as he usually does, but even he sounds more arranged than before (and later as well). He doesn't use his clean vocals like he did much on 'Haven' but even if the voice never gets clean he still growl in a way that you don't really see it as growling. But there's also songs as the introductory Final Resistance where it sounds extremely aggressive, so the mix is there even if it looks somewhat different compared to the latest albums.

In the end I still think Dark Tranqullity are at their best when they go bananas with amazing electronic parts that honestly is more enjoyable than sex, like in the song Cathode Ray Sunshine. Complete extacy. 'Damage Done' is packed to the limit with really hard, melodic music performed with such a variation that it's almost insolent how good they are. It's a fantastic album, clearly one of the best from this band and my recommendation is to everyone to give it a chance. In a time when I more or less only listend to power metal and never really liked death, I gave it a chance. Today I can't mention favourite bands without bringing up Dark Tranquillity. I think that's a reason in itself to why you should look it up.


Label - Century Media
Three similar bands - In Flames/At the Gates/Eternal Tears of Sorrow
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm