Zia - Out of Control

1. Rock now
2. I live my dream
3. Say you love me
4. In the eye of the storm
5. Who will be the winner
6. You own my heart
7. She feels
8. Livin' in a hurricane
9. Desperado
10. Undependable

Sofia Ingemarsson


Samuel Waermö & Göran Flood production

Released on 09/28/2009
Reviewed 09/15/2009


“She’s out of control!” that’s what Zapp Brannigan says when he looses control of a flying restaurant. Guess none of you know what I am talking about, well the title is out of control and the girl who is out of control is called Sofia Ingemarsson who is usually called Zia, apparently. At least that is the name that is on the record cover along with a title and a picture.

Musically we have melodic rock/pop with easy to take in melodies and with the emphasis on melodies. The music bares traces of known music of the past but still it does not sound like anything copied from this. Personal yet familiar music is what we have, it has a clean production to emphasise the melodic parts and the choruses and it is music that doesn’t require a lot of listening to get to know.

Zia as she calls herself makes good music, she writes some of it herself and some of it is written by some competent songwriters. Musically as I said this record is quite easy to take in and wouldn’t really have needed all the times I have listened through it. But still it can be good to put it through the torture test, something this record actually handles very well despite its simplistic nature and that is a much a praise as anything.

The record opens with the track called Rock Now which is a powerful and melodic rock tune with a good chorus, a track that brings you as the listener into this album. Then, after that first track the record moves on, the tracks closest after are not really standouts and that is the thing I have to remark when it comes to this record, it does not have enough standout tracks that can be called hits. There is Livin’ in a Hurricane which is a really good song but the rest actually feel a tad unremarkable, like they are more or less just there.

In spite of what I just said it is a very good record, the tracks and melodies are good, the problem is not the overall quality but the top quality, the real hit songs are missing from this and that is something of a ratings lowerer.

Anyway, no matter what, this is a very good record that I rate above average for the very well produced music with loads of energy, the only problem is the lack of real standout hit tracks.

Maybe this record is the start of something interesting in the musical word. At least that is what I hope for. Great going Zia, now lets wait for the next album.


Label - Yabai AB/Triada
Three similar bands - Alanis Morisette/Warlock/Sheryl Crow
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm