Thornium - Mushroom Clouds and Dusk

1. Döden
2. In The Service of Hell (Satanic Black Metal)
3. Mushroom Clouds and Dusk
4. Black Goddess
5. Horns and Hoofs
6. Ett Hjärta Av Sten
7. Melankoli Och Död
8. Beyond Cosmic Borders

Thyph (Thypheus) - vocals
Ulverheim - Guitar
Kali Ma - Bass

Dominions of the Eclipse (1995)

Tore Stjerna (Mix & Master)

Släppt 2009-04-08
Recenserad 2009-05-19

soulseller records

Hello, did you know that this record is made by a band that no one has heard anything from since 1995 when they released their first album. Though rumours say they never split it is quite hard to imagine that they worked on this record since then, still they wrote a deal with Soulseller in 2008 for three records and this is their first in that trio of records, I just hope thisis the only one I have to sit through as it really stinks.

Döden, Death is what the first song is called and that is about how it feels to listen to it. Not because it is dead good or super heavy or something cool. It is just a bad song much like the other songs on the record.

Musically this is the typical black metal of the primitive kind, nothing new, nothing created, nothing interesting. The superfast and heavy drumming are there, the cold and overly distorted guitars are there, as is the abysmal deep guttural growling that is replacing singing in this kind of music. The melodies are much like the other bands in the genre so if you have heard any of them you know what it is all about.

Now then, awful sound aside this record really stinks and it makes me want to puke and not even once I manage to take it through the 36 minutes of “music” and I often end up changing record into Katy Perry’s One of the Boys or something else much better. I really cannot understand why anyone wants to listen to this crap or why anyone would like to have it one one’s label but I guess we are all different.

So for all of you who prefer the more melodic kind of music, you do yourself a real favour by staying away from Thornium as their strangely titled record with satanic rubbish has nothing you can like even if you really try and really want to, the record cover looks alright though, too bad nothing else does.

I feel the chainsaw would be useful as a metaphor for what this record deserves, I know I will never listen to it again and it will be removed from my media player.


Label - Soulseller Records
Three similar bands - Dimmu Borgir/Necorphobic/Endstille
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm