Sacred Steel - Carnage Victory

1. Charge Into Overkill
2. Don't Break The Oath
3. Carnage Victory
4. Broken Rites
5. Crosses Stained With Blood
6. Ceremonial Magician Of The Left Hand Path
7. The Skeleton Key
8. Shadows Of Reprisal
9. Denial Of Judas (Heaven Betrayed)
10. Metal Underground
11. By Vengeance And Hatred We Ride

Gerrit P. Mutz - Vocals
Jens Sonnenberg - Guitar
Jonas Khalil - Guitar
Kai Schindelar - Bass
Mathias Straub - Drums

Reborn in Steel (1997)
Wargods of Metal (1998)
Bloodlust (2000)
Slaughter Prophecy (2002)
Iron Blessings (2004)
Pounding Inferno EP (2006)
Live Blessings (2006)
Hammer of Destruction (2006)



Released 23/10-2009
Reviewed 18/11-2009


Hello readers, did you know that there is a hidden legend about a secret society who once hid a sacred steel in the deepest of forests in the Jämtland county? Did you not, then let me tell you the story about it (don’t worry it is not too long, or is it?).

To the tunes of darkness and gloom and of course doom the society of climate nerds hid this steel as a part of the prophecy of the chosen one who should use it to slay the evil lord called Global Warming who is a part of the equally evil Climate Change group Ltd. The tune of evil is one of doomy metallic sound with slowish distorted guitars and sluggish vocals aiming to preach of doomy things in order to make the quest less obvious of course. It all actually reminds med about the time of the Dawn of Winter, the coldness and feel is about the same actually.

Let me now tell you how I found the steel the chosen one should wield against the evil lord. It all starts with a charge, a big charge that actually is overkill. So to start the quest I charged into overkill. After this overkill I was told not to break the oath, what oath? No one really told me what the oath was, so I don’t really know but later on I still managed a victory, a carnage victory however. This was no good however as the rites broken during the carnage led to stains of blood on many of the crosses that was around me at that very time. Feeling a bit down for a while I realised that there was still hope, the ceremonial magician on the left hand path was the key, actually it was his key that could lead me on, the skeleton key that opened the sacred door. But before that Judas was denied and heaven betrayed on the road that leads to the metal underground where we had to ride by vengeance and hate until we could find the sacred steel.

But then, what to do with this steel, am I the chosen one? Or have I already succumbed to the great power of the evil carbon dioxide molecules that is said to be so evil. Don’t really know what will happen now that I have found the sacred steel which is a fine piece of steel. It is not too polished but it is still polished enough in order to shine but still look and feel genuine in comparison to most plasticky feeling steel things in the genre.

So what am I saying? Well I don’t really know but to be honest, the record at hand is a rather fine doom metal record, probably better than the poor story I wrote based on the song titles, I was thinking in creative ways but not really sure if it turned out good enough.

I have not heard Sacred Steel before this record so I cannot really compare with their prior records. I have however heard the other band of singer Gerrit P. Mutz, or rather one other band as he sings in a few bands, the band called Dawn of Winter which I reviewed last year. These bands are similar yet unsimilar, the voice is recogniseable and the sound is somewhat similar but yet different, the main difference is that Sacred Steel does not belong to the breed of the really slow doom metal bands, their kind is a bit faster.

I think it is a decent record but I am not really the doom metal guy and therefore I think that this record is not as appealing to me as it could have been had I been one doom metal guy. Still it is a record well worth giving a listen as it is well made with good songs.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Dawn of Winter/Candlemass/Angel of Damnation
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm